Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Disneyland Trip September 2008 Day 10 (September 18)

This is the 10th of 11 posts (10 travel days plus final thoughts) adapted from e-mails I sent to friends and family. This was my 3rd trip there, the previous two being in the early 1980s and 1996. My dad came with me this trip.

We got up pretty early. My dad went to war with the alarm clock when it went off. I finally managed to help him out by hitting snooze, then on and off again, but he managed to accidentally reset the time three hours again.

We checked out and while we were waiting for the bus, I made a last minute dash to Millie's to buy an IQ game with pegs the restaurant showcased.

We had the front seat, but as it turned out, our bus was bound for the other airport, so most of the passengers had to transfer to another bus at Disneyland Hotel.

Despite a minor bit of heavy traffic, we made good time to LAX, where we checked in and ate breakfast at Burger King. Too late to buy some more there, I realized I was almost out of batteries. Luckily by alternating between three sets of batteries I was able to make them last to Vancouver with minimal picture loss. Skies were pretty clear until we got close to Vancouver.

At Vancouver we got through Customs surprisingly quickly. I finally reached a newsstand for batteries. We had lunch at White Spot, and then we walked to my gate (Dad's flight left later). While there, I saw three people from my former government branch returning from Kelowna. (one lived in Vancouver but the other two were on the same flight).

As before, clouds around Vancouver but they parted while we were over the sea. I got my bags soon enough and again took an 83 bus (same driver as on the way over I think), though this time only to the nearby Park and Ride, were I transferred to a 70 Downtown Express. Close to downtown I saw another former co-worker. Unfortunately I doubt she even saw me because she was outside and I was on the top floor of the doubledecker.

Arriving home, my apartment proved to have the last word this trip: I learned upon reaching my door that they had done a routine pest spraying a couple days earlier (the "advance" notice was on my bed).

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