Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chain Reaction This Morning

Okay… this morning I couldn’t find my outside apartment key (an electronic type). Just after I started to look for it one of my book selves collapsed, spilling its contents everywhere, as well as knocking over two DVDs shelves (by some miracle most of the DVDs actually stayed put this time). Then right after that I actually stepped on a container of concentrated orange juice that must have fallen out of my fridge on a previous day. I had a meet with a friend but managed to postpone it half an hour because without the special key you can’t get into the building and lately people have been warned not to let others in without the key. Then while I was looking for the key I had to get rid of a telephone solicitor.

Now the rest of the day wasn’t perfect: I received one e-mail an hour after it was sent and then later my own computer wouldn’t send e-mails until I closed and reopened Outlook, so a couple of my own e-mails were about two hours late. And I still haven’t found the key. On the plus side, I managed to get a temporary one that’s good for a week. My place is a lot cleaner now. And a matter that had gone on too long got resolved in a very happy manner. But I really couldn’t catch a break this morning!

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