Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Disneyland Trip September 2008 Day 5 (September 13)

This is the 5th of 11 posts (10 travel days plus final thoughts) adapted from e-mails I sent to friends and family. This was my 3rd trip there, the previous two being in the early 1980s and 1996. My dad came with me this trip.

The half way point was reached for SeaWorld, which replaced Wild Animal Park on the agenda because there's no convenient transportation there. The park includes exhibits, shows, and rides:

* Clydesdale Hamlet: Exhibit - horses, donkey
* Journey to Atlantis: Ride (my dad didn't try) - log ride with two big drops
* Wild Arctic: exhibit - Belugas, polar bears, walruses
* Penguin Encounter: Exhibit - includes babies
* Manatee Rescue: Exhibit - various fish
* Shark Encounter: Exhibit - various shark types
* Dolphin Discovery: Show - dolphins, whales
* Pets Rule!: Show - dogs, cats, pigs, etc
* Believe: Show - killer whales including Shamu, formerly from Stanley Park
* Sea Otters : Exhibit
* Dolphin Encounter - Exhibit

Dad needed a rest so I did the following exhibits by myself:
* Tide Pool: Starfish
* World of Sea Aquarium: Various fish if memory serves
* Aquarium del Mar: Ditto
* Turtles
* Flamingo Cove: Saw white herons there, likely wild

I met up again with my dad and we toured the following:
* Clyde & Seamore's Rocky Rescue: Show - sea lions and otters as submarine officers

My dad and I ate dinner together, and then I did the following by myself:

* Shipwreck Reef: Like Grizzly Bear Rapids (CA Adventure) and Bigfoot Rapids (Knott's) only even if you luck out with the raft you get drenched from above.

I caught a tickling in my throat that evening, which turned out to be the start of a cold. My dad and I watched Disney fireworks from our room at Howard Johnson. Finally, I tried to find info on the free Universal Studios shuttle; finally determined the free shuttle's now $30.

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