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Toronto March 2011 Trip Retro-Itinerary

This is the itinerary I used for my March 2011 trip to Toronto and area.  Abbreviations as per the original itinerary for historical reasons.  See the links for the trip reports posted to see how the itinerary compared to the actual day.  I do not recommend trying to use the timings listed as these were 2011 timings plus I underestimated walking times.  NOW in brackets is present day notes.  L=Leave A=Arrive BB=Blockbuster

Wednesday Mar 2
Pack pjs
Cancel Flickr uploads if needed
Turn off computer
L c5:32/5:51 Downtown Victoria 72/70
A 6:35 or 6:37 Swartz Bay
L 7:00 Swartz Bay Ferry
A 8:35 Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal
L 9:00 Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal 620/8:35 PCL
A 9:37 Bridgeport Stn
L 9:47 Bridgeport Stn Southbound
A 9:54 YVR Southbound  / 9:25 Main Terminal?
L 11:30 YVR Main Termiinal WS650
A 6:56 Pearson Airport Terminal 3
Get 5 tokens
L 7:26 Pearson Airport Terminal 3 192
A 7:50 Kipling Station
L 7:56 Kipling Station E Bloor-Danforth Subway
A 8:12 Ossington Station
Try to fit in dinner somewhere

Thursday Mar 3
Explore Toronto on foot; start with Bloor St
Leave by 9; focus on maps 115, 120; 119, 114 time permitting
Today or Monday: Yonge, Casa Loma (exterior only), Police Museum, Denison Square, Legislature, Toronto Islands, CN Tower, CBC Museum

[NOW: Obviously I didn’t expect to get all of the above done in one day. It was my first time in Toronto and was brainstorming places to walk to]

Friday Mar 4
Go Daypass needed
Pack passport and $US
L 6:21 Bloor St W @ Davenport Rd 300S
A 6:31 Bloor St E @ East Side Stop Yonge St
L 6:36 Bloor Station Southbound – Yonge-University-Spadina Subway
A 6:43 Union Station N towards Downsview
Get Go Daypass
L 6:53 Union Station 6:53 Go 12 train
A 7:45 Burlington Go Station
L 7:56 Burlington Go Station Go 12 bus
A 9:11 Niagara Via Station
Skywheel?, Neutral Zone, Rogers?, BB?; check out the tacky shops
11:30 Attempt to visit Niagara Falls NY
Book Corner, House?, S&B?
L 12:30/1:40 Niagara Falls VIA Go 12 bus
A 12:50/2:00 St Catherines Go Station
BB, That’s, Mitchell, Chapters (716);
L 2:00/3:22 St Catherines Go Station
A 2:25/3:47 Grimsby P&R time permitting
Talkies, Milk, Privateer, BB, Campaign (716); Headley, Atomix (726)
L 3:47/5:19 Grimsby P&R
A 4:02/5:34 Stoney Creek P&R Barton & Nash
Coles, maybe stores on Queenston, maybe Battlefield Sq, Gulliver Sq, Queenston Mall
L 4:23/5:55 Stoney Creek P&R Barton & Nash 2
Too many dt places to list; focus King St to start; also Copps
A 5:02/6:34 Hamilton Go Centre Platform
L 5:30/7:00 Hamilton Go Centre 16
A 6:40/8:00 Union Station
L 6:48/8:08 Union Station N Yonge-University-Spadina subway
A 6:55/8:16 Bloor Station
L 7:00/8:23 Yonge Station W Bloor-Danforth
A 7:07/8:29 Ossington Station

[NOW: Canada’s Blockbuster is now defunct.  If the Rogers above still exists, it’s no longer a video rental place. Mitchell Family Books and Talkies Home Video afre now gone.]

Saturday Mar 5
Daypasses needed TTC and Go
Get TTC Daypass Ossington Station
L 7:56 Ossington Station Bloor-Danforth
A 8:03 Yonge Station
L 8:09 Bloor Station Yonge-University-Spadina
A 8:23 Finch Station
L 8:36 Finch Station 77
A 8:46 Centre and Oakbank
Oakbank Pond Park
L 9:17 Yonge/Centre 601
A 9:23 Richmond Hill Centre Platform 4
L 9:45 Yonge St & Garden Ave 99
A 9:54 Yonge St & Abitibi Ave
Wizard, X-O, Pars, Bookland, Bookshoppe, BB
L 10:24 Finch Station Yonge-University Spadina
A 10:28 Sheppard-Yonge Station (Or 97)
Coles, Series X
L 10:42 Sheppard-Yonge
A 11:06 Union Station
Get Go Daypass
L 11:13 Union Stn or 9:23 Danforth Stn Go 9 train
A 11:49 Pickering Stn (Map 266)
Chapters, Blockbuster (266), Video 99 (274), Movies & Liquidators (266)
L 12:49 Pickering Stn Go 9 (or walk via Bayly) (Map 274)
A 12:54 Ajax Stn (Map 267)
Déjà Vu, Readers Discount, Blockbuster, Gnu, Star. Blockbuster, Rogers?, Electronic, Beat, Chapters
L 1:54 Ajax Stn Go 9
A 2:01 Whitby Stn (Map 268)
CB Addiction, Hollywood, Blockbuster, Greenlight, Mitchell, Rigers, Blockbuster
L 3:01 Whitby Stn Go 9 (or walk via King)
A 3:08 Oshawa (still Map 268)
Chapters (268), Déjà vu, Blockbuster, Mike’s, Self, Star, Worlds Collide, Skyfox, Sunshine (Map 269)
Time permitting: Half Price, Blockbuster, Gnu, Coles, Rogers, Video King (Map 261)
L Oshawa Go Station 4:41
A Scarborough Station 5:22 (Map 116)
Walk Kennedy Station 5:50 then
L Kennedy Station ??
A Scarborough TC Coles, New Deal (111) BB (110) or Ellesmere (110)
Chapters, Deja
L 7:05 Ellesmere Station Scarborough Route
A 7:11 Kennedy Station
L 7:17 Kennedy Station Bloor-Danforth
A 7:46 Ossington Station

[NOW: Wizard of Centrepoint, X-O City, Bookland Presse, Book Shoppe, Series X, Ajax’s Gnu Books, Ajax’s The Beat Goes On, Video King are now gone (Gnu Books and The Beat Goes On are still around in other locations). Again, Canada’s Blockbuster is now defunct, and if the Rogers above still exists, it’s no longer a video rental place.]

Sunday Mar 6
Go Daypass needed
8/9 Keele Subway Station (Jan & Dave); breakfast
High Park
Explore Maps 119/114 time permitting
If time issue, subway Keele to Spadina, Spadina to Union
Get Go Daypass
L 11:43 Union Go 1 (OR 11:49 Exhibitioon/11:57 Mimico)
A 12:22 Oakville Go
Blockbuster, Treasure, All, Village, Bookers, Second, Solomon, Good
L 1:28 Oakville Go 1
A 1:43 Port Credit Go Station Rail
L 1:48 Port Credit Go Station 19
A 2:18 City Centre Dr at Square One Drive
Coles, Starstruck, Planet Hobby, Chapters
L 3:30 Square One Go 21 Rathburn & Duke of York
A Union Station 4:10
Explore whatever’s open for a few hours, e.g. Denison Square

[NOW: Canada’s Blockbuster is again now defunct. Treasure Island Books, All is Well Book Shop, Village Bookshoppe, Bookers Book Shop, Second Editions, Solomon Book, Good Books, Starstruck Entertainment are now gone.]

Monday Mar 7
Pack Rachel’s info
Explore Toronto on foot
Leave by 9; focus on maps 115, 120; 119, 114 time permitting
10:30 Rachel, L’Espresso 321 Bloor St W
Yonge, Casa Loma  (exterior only), Police Museum, Denison Square, Legislature, Toronto Islands, CN Tower, CBC Museum if not previously

Tuesday Mar 8
Final morning Toronto exploration then
L 10:44 Ossington Bloor-Danforth
A 10:58 Islington
Excalibur Comics, Rogers, BB
L 11:39 Kipling Station 192
A 11:57 Toronto Airport
Time permitting walk Brampton and back
L 1:30 Toronto Airport Terminal 3 WS681
A Vancouver Main Terminal 3:30
L 3:48/403 YVR-Airport Station Eastbound Canada Line
   A Lansdowne Centre 4:26
   Best Buy, Future Shop
   Walk/Skytrain Richmond Centre
   Food Court
   L 5:38 Brighouse Station
A 3:55/5:45 Bridgeport Station
L 4:00/6:00 Bridgeport Station 620
A 4:40/6:40 Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal
L 5:00/7:00 Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal ferry
A 6:35/8:35 Swartz Bay
L 7:00/9:00 Swartz Bay 70 72
A downtown c 7:54/10:03

[NOW: Again, Rogers is no longer a video rental place; Canada’s Blockbuster is now defunct.]

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