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Pacific Northwest Trip Summer 2010 Day 1 Monday July 26

This is the first of a series of posts dealing my seventh trip to Seattle as an adult and second of two trips that year. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports. Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of two years later or to add further clarification. 

I'm lucky to be e-mailing you all.  For some reason my address book isn't showing up.  Luckily I was able to get the addresses from a draft and e-mail myself the list of addresses.

Camera situation: very little zoom problem from my older camera.  And actually the camera I was using regularly until it got damaged actually worked quite a bit today.  

So I kept alternating between two cameras, switching the memory cared back and forth.  Probably helps allow the AA batteries to cool off.  The one camera using XD memory cards that flat out wouldn't work is the one I bought yesterday, so I'll be denied the sublime pleasure of spending two hours every night recharging batteries.

I can't recall if I go through Customs in Victoria and Immigration when I arrive in Port Angeles or the other way around.  Regardless the first guy was a bit surly because my passport was well used.  He seemed suspicious so even though this is an honest trip I answered strategically.  As the ship was departing the PA mentioned that no dogs are allowed in the cabin area; right on cue a guy with a dog went outside.

[NOW: I took Black Ball Transit’s Coho ferry to Port Angeles.]

I was first in line among the passengers to leave the boat but another tried butting ahead of me.  Then he went the wrong way and when I found the right away he stood beside me, confusing the guy on the Port Angeles side into thinking we were travelling together.

I had some time so I visited Port News  & Books before catching the bus to Sequim.  I got off by the former Hollywood Video (it closed yesterday forever) and ate breakfast at McDonald's.  I visited Rite Aid, Walgreen's (bought some batteries), Radio Shack (verified my new camera problem), Seal Street Park, and Staples, then got the bus to Port Townsend.

[NOW: The bus to Sequim is the 30 Commuter/Clallum Transit and the bus to Port Townsend is the 8 Jefferson Transit.]

Lots of police cars and the like went by with sirens on.  I overhead that in the other direction, Forks, there was a hostage situation; not sure if any vampires were involved in the crisis..  Got off the bus near Vasu Video (not yet open), went down some stairs and took pics of what I think is a Venus/Aphrodite statue, passed Henry James Books (not yet open) and time being an issue, went to the ferry to Whidbey Island, cutting it closer than I thought I had at first. 

[NOW: This was the one year that the 8 bus went downtown. Normally it either switches to the 11 or you have to transfer to an 11. The statue is actually of Galatea.  The ferry to Whidbey is a Washington State Ferries one.]

I got off at Keystone Ferry Terminal, took a bus to Coupeville (interesting change of pace but that’s about it), took another bus to Clinton Ferry Terminal (no one seemed to be having an affair while waiting for the ferry, took a ferry to Mukilteo (looked nice; wish I had more time); I ate on the latter ferry. En route to Clinton the bus passed a turn-off to Useless Bay (real place).

[NOW: The Whidbey Island buses, 6 and 1 respectively, were Island Transit. The ferry to Mukilteo  was also Washington State Ferries.]

 I was actually earlier than I had planned because there was an earlier ferry to Mukilteo than I'd realized so was pretty relaxed when I took a bus to Everett.  I bought some issues of Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children at Everett Comics, visited A-1 Pawn, then worked my way to a bus to Everett Mall.  I visited Half Price Books across the street from the mall, returned to the mall to visit Borders, then took a bus to South Freeway Station. I considered visited Bothell but was feeling weighed down so I took a bus to downtown.  Being a bit sleepy I took some pics of Northgate Mall when the bus passed it and then realized moments later that meant I was in Seattle.

[NOW: The busses to downtown Everett, to Everett Mall, and to South Everett Freeway Station were Everett Transit.  The bus downtown was 510 Sound Transit. Borders is now defunct.]

I got off the bus downtown and checked in to the hostel, then spent about an hour or so relaxing at the International Fountain

[NOW: The hostel is City Hostel Seattle in Belltown.]

For those of you new to these reports the International Fountain, at Seattle Center is a large fountain that humans and dogs and play around; one dog was having a grand old time); the water shoots out in all kinds of directions and even creates its own rainbow at times (got some great shots of that today).  I wanted to eat at Orange Julius around 6:30 but it was closed to I went to the nearby McDonald's that has a lot of sports balls in poles.  

[The Orange Julius was at Center House, now Seattle Center Armory, but has since been evicted. The sports balls are  basketballs, baseballs, footballs, and soccer balls.]

I visited Silver Platters (one woman walked out due to the bag check-in rule; I don't like that it's necessary ether but that's the world we live in; thieves do operate in cities) and bought some b-movies, including a couple of Troma movies (some of you will be very pleased about this).  I have a membership there so I got a free DVD.  I returned to the International Fountain for a bit.  A seagull landed on the fountain during a slow period and was quite surprised when water started shooting upward.  I then visited Easy Street Records where I got another B-movie.  They require photo ID there and the cashier correctly guessed that I get hassled at the border due to the shape of my passport.  Silly really; a passport that doesn't get some wear probably wasn't used properly for its intended purpose.  I returned to the hostel after getting some drinks for tonight and later nights.

[NOW:  This branch of Easy Street Records is in the Queen Anne District.]

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