Saturday, August 4, 2012

Recent Glasses Misadventures

Last November I got a new pair of glasses.  At some point after that (I can’t recall when) one of the ears broke off and had to be replaced.  This happened a second time last May, just before a trip to Toronto.  Thankfully nothing happened during the trip because it happened a third time in June, just after the trip.

At that point it was agreed that the frames were too small to fit my head and I’d get new ones, using the same lens recut.  But when I got the new ones there was a slight overlap with the lens at the front, causing it to seem like there was a large black fly constantly hovering over the left side of my left eye.  I got that corrected, but then that lens popped out.  The lens got put back in but then the overlap problem returned.  It took a few more tries after that to work on the problem, because the eye place didn’t seem to really understand what the issue was. Finally I did convince them of the issue and they used a temporary glue to get the lens in right, but new lens would be needed because these didn’t fit in the necessary way with these glasses.  Finally the new lens showed up and after a day of wearing older, scratched glasses, the multi-week glasses crisis finally came to an end!

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