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Pacific Northwest Trip Summer 2010 Day 4 Thursday July 29

Last night a guy asked about leaving a light on.  I thought he meant for doing stuff but at 3 am it was still on so I turned it off (the brighter light was already off).

Took an early bus to Tacoma and actually managed to get a bus to Olympia that left 1/2 hour sooner than the one I'd planned to take.  I got off the near a Subway I had breakfast at.

[NOW: The first bus was in the 590s, Sound Transit, while the latter was probably 603, Intercity Transit.]

I explored the grounds of the state government buildings (even went inside a couple them briefly), then wandered down to Capitol Lake.  I visited the Heritage Park Fountain but it still wasn't on yet at opening time.  To maximize my time I reordered things a bit; I went to Olympia Transit Center and, buying a $2 daypass, took a bus to the west side of the city, overshooting my stop a bit.  I went to the Barnes & Nobles and then headed to the Blockbuster, which last time I had been led to believe it was further west than it really was; turns out that you can't really see it from the street it's really on because its back is to that street; the only reason I found it was I was told it was in the same area as a Safeway.

I went to Borders in Westfield Promenade and then Best Buy at Westfield Shopping Center proper.  Beyond that little bit I didn't actually explore the mall because there was nothing of interest inside.

[NOW: The bus I took was the 48 Intercity Transit. Borders is now defunct.]

I took a bus to Olympic Transit Center then transferred into another bus to Lacey where I visited Olympic Cards & Cards, then Hollywood Video.  This Hollywood Video was... actually open and because it was closing down in a few days got around 40 DVDs for a little over $25 after tax.  I visited Boomerang (another DVD store) and then took a bus back to Olympia Transit Center.  Both ways I passed the cemetery by Phoenix St.  They'll be back again some day I guess.

[NOW: The bus back downtown was a 48 again, then the bus to and from Lacey was a 66, Intercity Transit. Hollywood Video is of course now fully defunct.]

The same bus switched numbers and went to Tumwater, where, after a girl told me my camera looked weird, I grabbed a lunch to go at Arby's, crossed a highway overpass and visited Blockbuster, then returned  to the east side and visited Tumwater Video.  On the bus back a buy told everyone, pointing at everyone, that if we see "her" to tell her she can kiss his a--.  Unfortunately he gave no description had we actually wished to pass along this information to her.

[NOW: The second bus number was a 13. Tumwater’s Blockbuster and Tumwater Video are now gone.]

Back downtown, I visited a park whose name I can't recall, but it's quite a nice one, near the Greyhound depot; spent a fair bit of time here when my Portland trip went south years ago.

[Now: See the last day of my 2008 trip reports for details. The park is Sylvester Park.]

I visited Fireside Books, Rainy Day Records (got more DVDs), Phantom City Records, Orca Books (like Balderdash yesterday the cat wasn't around; maybe the cats are at some sort of book store cat convention), then the Star Wars mural.  I went to an area of the waterfront where there was a lot of mud where the sea should be;  only a bit of water until a distance away; I don't think the tide can fully account for this.

[NOW: Fireside Books recently closed down.]

I visited Last Word Books, De Colores Books (there was a sleeping dog that I snuck a pic of but otherwise left lie), then ignored a street person who wanted to talk to me.  My sense was he was one of those street people who think if you point a camera *away* from them you're trying to take a pic of them.  I visited Danger Room Comics, then returned to Heritage Park Fountain (basically water jets from the ground). This time it was on but I limited my pics anyway because of all the kids paying there; didn't want to create any wrong ideas.  A trip to another part of the waterfront, then the park from earlier, then a bus back to Tacoma.  As always around that time the bus back to Tacoma got caught in a traffic jam and I struggled to stay awake and take pics.

[NOW: While I visited De Colores as well, the dog was actually at Browser’s Books. The bus back to Tacoma was probably 603, Intercity Transit]

In Tacoma I got on a bus back to Seattle; unfortunately a screen with an ad distorted my pics on that bus somewhat.

[NOW: The bus was one of the 590s, Sound Transit.]

Back in downtown Seattle I visited Borders and bought a DVD, then walked to the sports motif McDonald's and got dinner to go which I took to the International Fountain.  The fountain was winding down so I tried to visit Office Maxx because with my cameras working better than expected, I'm concerned about running out of cards.  Unfortunately that branch was gone.  I bought more DVDs at Silver Platters (mostly b-movies but also a Chinese action movie partly set in Canada) then bought drinks at Rite Aid, where right before me and right after me in line there was someone with dog; guess that store has gone to..., no, not going to say it; too easy.

[NOW: Again, Borders is now defunct.]

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