Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Anthropology Classes at Northwest Community College

NOTE: I inadvertently told the same story twice and didn't realize ituntil later.  I\m leaving both versions online and people if they so choose can speculate on then different headspaces I was in when I wrote both.

At Northwest Community College in Terrace electives were a bit limited so I ended up trying out a first and second year Anthropology course during the same term (my second year there). While not without its connections to sociology I didn’t end up finding it as engaging. It didn’t help matters that there was a bit of friction with friends who were also in the first year class.  And then there were the videos. The second year class had hunting videos so I looked away whenever an animal was going to be killed… only to realize that merely hearing the animals’ death screams were that much of an improvement.  I ended up appreciating anthropology on a logical level, but I was also glad that that was to be my only year taking those classes!

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