Sunday, July 15, 2012

Downtown Victoria Odeon Misadventures

Adapted from a review I wrote on the Yelp site.

I’ve had a couple misadventures at the Odeon Theatre at downtown Victoria.

Once, while watching Elektra there, other patrons were yacking throughout the movie.  Afterwards I complained that there wasn't periodic usher checks.  The manager at the time leaned forward at me in a very intimidating fashion and told me I should have left the theatre to complain, insisting it would have taken a minute to do so.  Now, a minute is actually a pretty big chunk of a movie that's only 90 minutes, and from where he was standing relative to the theatre, it probably would have taken a few minutes to get there, explain the situation, and return to the theatre. And I would have told him so, only, again, he was leaning towards me in an intimidating fashion and I was too unnerved to respond.

Another instance: Sometimes the theatre only shows 3D versions of movies even when a 2D version exists, Even if you have glasses they make you buy new ones for 3D movies.  When I asked a manager why you can't just reuse glasses she told me "That's just the way it is."

Still, other times they’ve been nice, letting a friend and I waiting inside in the lobby while waiting for the theatre to fully open.  It may not be a favourite theatre of mine even so, buy the location is convenient to be sure.

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