Thursday, July 12, 2012

Camp Caledonia Memories

In grade 6 in Kitimat students had to go to a camp called Camp Caledonia.  It wasn’t a favourite experience of mine and probably turned me off summer camps. But I go recall various memories. In random order here’s a few:

The first night everyone got up really early (around 4 or 5 am) and started playing outside.  I joined them briefly but it didn’t feel right so I returned to my tent.  The ones who stayed out soon after had to go on a long walk courtesy the counsellors.

Everyone got to do horseback riding. Happily my group did so near the end so it saved one of the more fun experiences for last.  The only thing was, the horses walked together in a single line, so the horses kept farting in the faces of the horse right behind them.

My sleeping bag got some permanent stains due to the tent absorbing the water from the rain (neither my tent mate nor myself were that great at setting up the tent properly.

I recall my group got nearly a perfect score in chores activities and won an award at the end (shower privileges I think; otherwise you weren’t supposed to use the showers there due to some water issues with whoever owned the nearby land).  We only lost points for something at the beginning where something else delayed us). More points were nearly lost because one day I needed to do chores and some of the “counsellors” were higher grade students serving ice cream or some treat like that; they actually made a point of serving me last to delay my getting to the chores. Luckily we didn’t lose points (the teacher probably figured out what happened).

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