Sunday, July 8, 2012

366 Posts in a Year!

Sending a second post today partly because I need to do extra posts ahead of time anyway because it'll be with limited computer access in a couple weeks but also because...

I DID IT! I averaged a post a day for a full year (366 posts in 366 days because it was a leap year).  There were a couple days where I missed it but caught up the next day, and there were a few times where I knew I wouldn't have time to post so I posted some ahead of time, but it all averaged out to 366 posts in 366 days.

It hasn't always been easy. Sometimes I really had to force myself because I was extra tired, sometimes I had trouble coming up with anything interesting to say; lots of scouring through my memory, including screening out stuff that I didn't and still don't want to share.  I also had to be a bit inventive at times and find old stuff I could use because I just didn't have anything new I could use in time.  But somehow it got done.

Probably the downside is my novel has suffered as a result. I'm hoping to somehow eventually discipline myself so I can do both.  This is one reason why I'm not entirely  sure I'll be able to sustain this forever. For now I'm committing myself to December 31 at least and we'll see what happens from there.

Anyway: July 8, 2011: Welcome to the NEW Sane Insanities.  July 8, 2012: 366 Posts in a Year!

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