Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bad Break in Kitimat

Another glasses misadventure, this time in Kitimat.  One thing that a particular group of bullies liked to do to me was jump out at me as if they were going to beat me up, enjoying the scare they gave me. Once on the way home from the high school they scared me enough that I convinced myself that they were going to hit me, so I punched the ringleader in self defense. The ringleader retaliated by hitting my in the centre of the glasses, knocking me to the ground and breaking the glasses.  When I got home my parents were upset at me because I hit him first, even though he had, not for the first time, made it seem like he was going to attack me.  As an adult I understand that that unfortunately meant that they had to pay the full cost.  But it’s a shame that things are such that to not be the aggressor, a bullied kid had to let themselves me started and, worse, actually potentially take a beating before they can fight back.

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