Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Pacific Northwest Trip 2017 Day 5 Thursday July 20: Portland, Eugene, Springfield

This is the 5th of a series of posts dealing with my 2017 trip to Portland, Seattle, and vicinity. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports (typos, bits I don’t feel like making public). Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of two years later or to add further clarification.  These are indicated by “NOW”.

A few oversights (yesterday the kid distracted me when typing these): after leaving Big Kmart a guy seemed hostile but he said to "tell  your friends" so I knew he wasn't targeting me per se, Then after passing the penitentiary I passed a health centre with a rotating neon sign. One message was about women's health only right behind was a sign for a sports store called Dick's; awkward. On the bus back to Woodinville I entered a strange state where I was strange to dream but was able to keep taking photos even before I caught myself. Then at Mill Ends Park a guy asked "is that it?" I confirmed that it was.

Woke up at 3:30 but got about six hours sleep. I looked into a matter with the amount I paid at Northwest Portland Hostel. Seems okay but will look further when I'm home and rested. I walked to McDonald's for breakfast; I was before 5 thus drive through entrance, but the doors opened just after I got my food. I walked to Mill Ends Park, then Salmon Street Springs (which were actually on despite it being before 6), then Mill Ends again, then along the water to Bill Naito Legacy fountain.

I crossed Steel Bridge, which has a low level pedestrian walkway, across the Willamette River to the east side and back. I walked towards Union Station but the street turned and I somehow overshot. Decided not to go there; went to Greyhound depot in search of a washroom but it was for ticketed passengers only. Had to run away from another tricky situation, camera related.

I found the BoltBus stop's new location (no signage), recognizing the area from Tuesday. There was a layover at Albany Transit Center, Albany, so I grabbed some schedules etc,. I got off at the BoltBus stop at 5th Avenue Market, Eugene. I walked to Eugene Station and bought a daypass. All buses in Eugene are Lane Transit. I took a 43 bus to CD World and bought a $3 DVD. The dealer said my main credit card was declining but it worked for larger purchases later. I walked to Blue Moon Books.

There was a long wait for a bus, so i walked two stops (one a fair distance) and only then waited for a 41 bus to Edge of the World Games. I couldn't find any prices on DVDs so I soon left to catch the soon arriving 43 bus back to Eugene Station.

I visited Windows Booksellers (hidden away in a building), J Michaels Bookstore (there's a statue of performing turtles nearby, and not far a park I passed after with people playing giant chess), Nostalgia Collectables (comic shop) and the adjacent Smith Family Bookstore, McDonald's (lunch), and, in the same upstairs area, Emerald City Comics and another Smith Family Bookstore.

[NOW: The turtles statue is Turtle Musicians.]

I took the EmX (Emerald City Express) bus, which has doors on both sides and its own lane, to DragonVine in Springfield. I took another EmX bus back to Eugene after a long layover at Springfield Station, getting off by the University of Oregon and walking across the Willamette River to Ida Baker Park and back. O walked south to check out Silver Screen Video. I knew it didn't open until 4 so I wanted to decide if that would be cutting it close to return at 4. I concluded it would be reluctantly. I walked to Black Moon Books and then Tsunami Books.  I got a pop from Capella Grocery. I took a 23 bus to Eugene Station. I wandered downtown including 5th Avenue Market, then took a bridge across Willamette River to another section of Ida Baker Park which had a pond. I returned downtown, then a brief stop at St Vincent dePaul, then more of the market. The BoltBus was late arriving.

[NOW: Silver Screen Video is now closed.]

On the way back to Portland until I hit Albany the dreaming resumed again. I mostly was able to keep photographing (from front seat both times today and heading to Portland initially by the way). This time my fingers started to stop but I think I got most of the shots. Some were crooked from jolting myself back awake. After Albany I caught my second wind. After we arrived in Portland we weren't let off the bus until the driver used the bus' bathroom. I walked to Powell's (got a couple books), then the McDonald's from this morning for a late dinner, then back to the hostel. No kid but a woman practicing her singing with guitar. Better than the kid.

I quite liked Eugene. If I do another Portland trip I might try Albany to decide which I like more. After that I can either alternate or stick to Eugene as my Boltbus side daytrip of choice.

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