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Pacific Northwest Trip 2017 Day 2 Monday July 17: Seattle, Renton, Tukwila, Kent, Federal Way, SeaTac

This is the 2nd of a series of posts dealing with my 2017 trip to Portland, Seattle, and vicinity. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports (typos, bits I don’t feel like making public). Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of two years later or to add further clarification.  These are indicated by “NOW”.

Just a reminder that my keyboard on the mini notebook sucks. Not enough hours to proof before sending during trip or else would never sleep.

[NOW: I did of course proofread for this more public version.]

First, from yesterday, forgot to mention that I passed a theatre at Seattle Center; as with last year, Coming Soon and Now Showing both had the same show. Mini-notebook remembered the connection here form two years ago. The big thing with yesterday, though I liked what I saw on my walk, is I should have taken the later ferry to Port Angeles; carrying all my stuff is what wiped me out.

Woke up around 2:30 last night and soon after someone turned on a loud fan; Well, it did muffle the snoring. I got a little more sleep and got up just before 5 I walked to the Westlake Station of the Downtown Transit Tunnel and used money on my ORCA (transit) card to get five daypasses using a machine; I had to "purchase" them one at a time so only said yes to one receipt . Got some money from a Bank of America (Scotiabank affiliated); hope I chose the right option to avoid being dinged. Visited Rachel the Pig(gybank) at Pike Place Market again, getting a photo of "her" and I. I returned to the station, found I just missed a bus, went back up and wandered slowly before heading back down again.

[NOW: If memory serves, I later saw that Bank of America gives you an error message if you are a Canadian with its Scotiabank partner and you choose the wrong option, you just get an error message.]

All buses today King County Metro Transit. I did what I originally planned to do after breakfast and took the 101 bus to Renton. I wandered around, and noticed a comic shop (Comic Hut); maybe I'll visit on a later trip. I saw a statue of the head of Chief Seattle (Sealth) that was also a fountain. I walked to Liberty Park and then to Renton Transit Center, where I took another 101 bus back to Westlake Station in Seattle. Above ground I took a 26 bus back to City Hostel Seattle for breakfast. I took an E Rapidride bus back downtown and re-entered Westlake Station.

I took a 150 bus to Westfield Southcenter in Tukwila, though I didn't enter the mall at first. As I exited the bus, a mom was cursing up a storm to her kids. I visited Barnes and Noble, then Target, then Tukwila Pond Park. While not a big area, the pond is nice for bird watchers. I arrived at Half Price Books just before they opened and bought a couple of DVDs. My credit card stripe is worn down; they didn't have insert or tap and they couldn't type the numbers; used a backup credit card. Finally going to the mall, I bought a Godzilla two-movie blu-ray at f.y.e. (for your entertainment). I caught another 150 bus to Kent. I bought some DVD sets at Big Kmart. My next bus was hourly so I had an early lunch at McDonald's (as curiously happens from time to time at restaurants, the cashier heard an extra word, this time double for my Quarter Pounder, so I had to fix that) before going to Rite Aid and Big Lots. I saw a woman cross the street with a very happy dog to the McDonald's.

The 183 bus took me to Federal Way Transit Center in Federal Way. That city is a great place to see planes approaching landing in SeaTac. I visited Action City Comics and Toys and then the remains of the building that held the Federal Way branch of Al's Music, Video, Games until the building burnt down recently. It looked like something out of a\ Hollywood disaster movie; Lots of signs still there despite collapsed structures (Al's sign wasn't visible) and the Subway sign was prominent and tilted to the right. Sad that it's gone but amazing that other than adding fencing the remains are pretty much as they looked immediately post fire as far as I can tell.

I visited Barnes & Noble before taking an A Rapidride bus to a block from Angle Lake Station in SeaTac. The Link train (Sound Transit) used to just go from SeaTac Airport to Westlake Station but now goes from Angle Lake Station to University of Washington Station in Seattle so I took the entire ride. The reason I took the Link light rail was for the view and (somewhat) comfort. There are faster ways to get to the U District from Federal Way than the A bus and Link train. Just before the latter station Fare Enforcement got on at the previous station (Capitol Hill) and checked people for tickets and ORCA activation. One guy started with me and I was fine but the guy adjacent to me first ignored the agents and then when he didn't have a ticket, instead of apologizing and trying to get let off with a warning, insisted he shouldn't have to pay. The officer was still talking to him when I got off. When I left he was at citation but I'm betting the police arrested him after.

The University of Washington Station is right by Husky Stadium (football). I walked to Drumheller Fountain in the university; it had a good stream upward. There was a duck ramp and a duck was sitting watching the water stream. Walking to the shopping area of the U District, I visited Bulldog News; the main U District branch of University Bookstore, Neptune Music, the Seattle branch of Al's Music, Video, Games (got a couple DVDs), the now non-profit world famous Scarecrow Video (more DVDs), and the Dreaming (comics). I took a 71 bus south and then walked the rest of the way past Drumheller Fountain (same? duck lower on ramp) to University of Washington Station. Security got on again. I passed again. Some woman a little out of earshot seemed to have some issue but she cooperated and the guy moved on. 

[NOW: I think the Seattle branch is now the only branch left for Al’s Music, Video, Games. The Tacoma branch has also closed.]

I got off at Capitol Hill Station and it was time to push the button. I walked to the pop machine with all Mystery buttons and tried my luck; it's usually something obscure like some cherry or peach variant, so while it's a pop I liked it was a little anticlimactic to get a regular Pepsi. I visited Phoenix Comics, the Jimi Hendrix station, Elliott Bay Book company, Everyday Music (more DVDs - two of the DVDs I got this day, here and at Scarecrow were Mystery Science Theater 3000 sets), and the Capitol Hill district of Twice Sold Tales (bookstore known for its cats; I photographed two; one appeared to be a grey Siamese, maybe mixed with Persian).

I took an 8 bus to Seattle Center and got a build your own pizza at Mod Pizza at the Seattle Center Armory; the guy seemed POed about the credit card stripe. I ordered For Here and decided I wanted to go. Luckily the plate was disposable and easily taken to the International Fountain, one of the few places I can "switch off" on a trip. A seagull wanted my food and didn't realize that every time I looked away for a second it was to grab my camera to photograph it coming toward the pizza; it got none though I think it got food from somewhere else, I relaxed there, briefly revisited the armory. I saw I was pretty sure was one of the Olympic Sculpture Park art pieces, Typewriter Eraser, Scale X before briefly leaving Seattle Center to look at the former location of the Silver Platters which moved to 1st Ave S; they finally removed the old signage but it was still empty. I relaxed at the International Fountain again and then returned to the hostel.

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