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The Flash (1990-1991): Where are They Now?

LAST UPDATED: February 19, 2018. Note: This post was splintered off of DC Live Action TV Actors 1990s: Where are They Now? in order to give it more expanded coverage. * = Newly added name. e=episode/s. Specific titles noted only for 2015-on. Information derived from the imdb. All actors in 2+ episodes and/or playing comic book characters noted. Actors in only 1 episode gradually being folded in.

John Wesley Shipp (Barry Allen/The Flash): in The Flash (15e 2015-2018), Blindspot (1e 2017), Night Sweats (2017), The Sector (2016), Sensory Perception (2015), Golden Shoes (2015); as Self: The Flash: Behind the Story - The Trickster Returns! (2015).
Amanda Pays (Tina McGee): in The Flash (4e 2015-2016); My Mistress (nd) in pre-production; as Self: m Home & Family (1e 2017).
Alex D├ęsert (Julio Mendez): in The Stinky & Dirty Show (2e 2017), Better Things (2e 2016-2017), Spider-Man (2017), Once Upon a Time (2017), The Flash (2e 2016-2017), Alvin and the Alien (2017), How to Get Away with Murder (2016), Sing It! (10e 2016), Better Call Saul (1e 2016), Losing in Love (2016), Isaac and Quincy (2015), Invisible Sister (2015), Public Morals (1e 2015); Freaky Friday (2018) filming; as Self, post-production: Of Mics and Men: The Summer of Ska (2018).
Vito D’Ambrosio (Tony Bellows): in The Flash (4e 2015-2018), The Perfect Daughter (2016), Bones (1e 2015), Whitey (2e 2015), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (1e 2015), To Whom It May Concern (2015).
Biff Manard (Michael Francis Murphy): died in 2014.
Mike Genovese (Warren Garfield): last known acting role in 2014 but A Private Act (2013), Weekend Encounter (2016) completed; White Space (nd) in post-production;  Stronger Than Pretty (nd) in pre-production.
Richard Belzer (Joe Kline): in The Comedian (2016), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1e 2016), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015); as Self: PoliticKING with Larry King (2017), Gilbert (2017), Where Have You Gone, Lou DiMaggio (2017), The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (2016), King Kill 63 (2015), Eccentric Eclectic (2015),  National Lampoon: Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead (2015); as Self, filming: Marilyn Monroe: Murder on Fifth Helena Drive (2018).
Dick Miller (Fosnight): in Schmo Boat (2015), The Adventures of Biffle and Shooster (2015); as Self: Horror Kung-Fu Theatre (2017), Bit Parts! The Joe Dante Players (2016), Under Siege: The Making of Demon Knight (2015); as Self, post-production: Clapboard Jungle: Surviving the Independent Film Business (2018).
Gloria Reuben (Sabrina): in The Librarians (2017), Mr. Robot (10e 2015-2017), Who We Are Now (2017), The Blacklist (2e 2015-2017), Saints & Sinners (14e 2016-2017), The Breaks (4e 2017), Jean of the Joneses (2016), Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (2015), Anesthesia (2015), The Music in Me (2015), The Longest Ride (2015); Going Places (2018) completed; Cloak & Dagger (10e 2018) in post-production; as Self: Home & Family (1e 2015).
Priscilla Pointer (Nora Allen): last known acting role in 2008, as Self in 2010.
Joyce Hyser (Megan Lockhart): last known acting role in 2014.
Justin Burnette (Shawn Allen): last known acting role in 1998.
Sven-Ole Thorsen (Tanner transformed/Swede/Omeda): last known acting role in 2011 but MallBrats (nd) announced; as Self: The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell (1e 2017).
Mark Hamill (The Trickster): in Spider-Man (1e 2018), Transformers: Titans Return (2018), Justice League Action (8e 2016-2018), Justice League Action Shorts (2e 2017), Trollhunters (2017), Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017), Milo Murphy's Law (5e 2017), Avengers Assemble (3e 2017), Howard Lovecraft & the Undersea Kingdom (2017), Dragons: Race to the Edge (1e 2017), Nightcap (1e 2017), Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero (1e 2017), Best Fiends: Boot Camp (2017), Dimension 404 (6e 2017), Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return (1e 2017), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (4e 2017), Brigsby Bear (1e 2017), Regular Show (50e 2015-2017), Bunyan and Babe (1e 2017), Let It Die (2016 VG), The Flash (3e 2015-2016), Miles from Tomorrowland (9e 2015-2016), Ultimate Spider-Man (10e 2015-2016), Batman: Arkham VR (2016 VG), Kulipari: An Army of Frogs (11e 2016), Man Down (1e 2016), Transformers: Rescue Bots (6e 2015-2016), Batman: The Killing Joke (2016), Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2016 VG), Uncle Grandpa (1e 2016), Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars (2016 VG), Lego Marvel's Avengers (2016 VG), Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015), Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! (1e 2015), Lego Dimensions (2015 VG), Lego DC Super Heroes: Justice League - Attack of the Legion of Doom! (2015), Regular Show: The Movie (2015), Batman: Arkham Knight (2015 VG), Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster Madness (2015), Jake and the Never Land Pirates (2e 2015); Relatively Super (nd), Squadron 42 (2018 VG), Transformers: Power of the Primes (unknown e 2018), Con Man (2018) in post-production; as Executive Producer/Self: Mark Hamill's Pop Culture Quest (10e 2016-2017); as Self: Ok! TV (5e 2017), Made in Hollywood (1e 2017), Entertainment Tonight (6e 2015-2017), The Graham Norton Show (1e 2017), Box Office (2017), Good Morning Britain (2e 2017), Breakfast (1e 2017), Lorraine (1e 2017), The Star Wars Show (3e 2017), The Last Jedi Cast Competes in a Compliment Battle (2017), The Oh My Disney Show (2017), Celebrities Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions (1e 2017), Wired Magazine: The Last Jedi Cast Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions (2017), E! Live from the Red Carpet (2e 2017), Live from the Red Carpet of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017), The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (2e 2017), WGN Morning News (1e 2017), Access Hollywood (1e 2017), Good Morning America (2e 2017), Jimmy Kimmel Live! (3e 2017), Star Wars: The Last Jedi Cast Live Q&A (2017), The President Show (2017), Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (1e 2017), The Late Late Show with James Corden (1e 2017), The 71st Annual Tony Awards (2017), The Red Nose Day Special (2017), Studio 10 (1e 2017), ABC News (1e 2017), The Star Wars Show LIVE! Celebration Orlando 2017 (2e 2017), Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley's Epic Star Wars: Force for Change Announcement (2017), Rip Off Britain (2016), AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to John Williams (2016), Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens: The Story Awakens - The Table Read (2016), The Force Awakens: Force for Change (2016), The Force Awakens: Inside the Armory (2016), Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway (1e 2016), Secrets of the Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey (2016), Extra (2e 2015), 5 News (1e 2015), BuzzFeedVideo (2015), Star Wars: Evolution of the Lightsaber Duel (2015), Star Wars: The Force Awakens World Premiere Red Carpet (2015), Mark Hamill Goes Undercover as a Stormtrooper (2015), Piers Morgan's Life Stories (1e 2015), The Flash: Behind the Story - The Trickster Returns! (2015), Go Far: The Christopher Rush Story (2015), Kingsman: The Secret Service Revealed (2015), Star Wars Celebration Live Anaheim 2015 (1e 2015), Schmoes Know (1e 2015).
Michael Nader (Nicholas Pike): last known acting role in 2013; as Self: From the Mouths of Babes (1e 2018); as Self, post-production: Untitled Vince Spinnato Documentary (2018).
Jason Bernard (Desmond Powell/Nightshade): died in 1996.
M. Emmet Walsh (Henry Allen): in Captain America: Civil War Reenactors (2016), Boiling Pot (2015), Adventure Time with Finn & Jake (1e 2015), Empire (1e 2015), The Scorpion King: The Lost Throne (2015); Shifting Gears (nd) completed; The Mimic (2018), Change in the Air (2018), Raising Buchanan (2018) in post-production; as Self: The Man for the Part (2016).
John Toles-Bey (Father Michael): in Send Hollywood My Love (2016); Cien (2015; also Writer/Director/Producer) completed.
Robert Shayne (Reggie): died in 1992.
Brad 'Cat' Sevy (Waiter): no other known acting roles, as Assistant in 1992.
* Christopher Murray (Highway Patrolman uncredited, Williams): in Twin Peaks (1e 2017), Aquarius (4e 2016), Castle (1e 2016), NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (1e 2015); Booked (2017), Cockroaches (2018) in post-production.
* Ian Buchanan (Stan Kovacs): in The Bold and the Beautiful (5e 2017), General Hospital (19e 2015-2016), Ladies of the Lake (1e 2016), One Night in Hollywood (2015); The Temple (nd), One Week in Hollywood (nd; also Co-Producer), Byrd and the Bees (nd) announced; as Self: The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell (1e 2015).
* Paul Koslo (Johnny Ray Hix): last known acting role in 2004; as Executive Producer: A Coup in Camelot (2015); as Self: Mr. Blonde: Paul Koslo on 'The Stone Killer' (2017), Paul Koslo on 'The Laughing Policeman' (2016), Paul Koslo on 'Maniac!' (2016), A Look Back at Robot Jox with Paul Koslo (2015); as Self, post-production: Celluloid Wizards in the Video Wasteland: The Saga of Empire Pictures (nd).
Paula Marshall (Iris West): in We Love You, Sally Carmichael! (2017), Doubt (1e 2017), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1e 2016), Game of Silence (2016), The Soul Man (2016), Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street (8e 2015), Fathers & Daughters (2015), Switched at Birth (1e 2015); as Self: Time with Terri (2015).
David Cassidy (Sam Scudder/Mirror Master): died in 2017; as Self: Dr. Phil (1e 2017), Access Hollywood (1e 2017), The Doctors (1e 2017), The Tomorrow Show (unknown e 2016), Hollywood Today Live (1e 2016), Home & Family (1e 2016), Harry (1e 2016), Entertainment Tonight (1e 2016).
* Bill Mumy (Roger Braintree): in The Loud House (1e 2018) , Bravest Warriors (1e 2018), Space Command (2016); Agents of Project Blue Book (2018) in post-production; Space Command Redemption (unknown e 2018) in pre-production; as Writer: Lost in Space: The Epilogue (2015); as Producer: Ancient Aliens (3e 2017); as Self: Under the Smogberry Trees (2016), Earl Hamner Storyteller (2015).
* Michael Green (Mitch Lestrange): last known acting role in 2000.
* Lenore Kasdorf (Mavis): last known acting role in 2004, as Self in 2010.
* Corinne Bohrer (Zoey Clark/Prank): in The Flash (1e 2018), Murder in the First (5e 2015).
* Signy Coleman (Stasia Masters): last known acting role in 2012.
* Thomas Mikal Ford (Elliott Cotrell): died in 2016; in The Ballerina (2017), Beauty and the Baller (4e 2017), Conflict of Interest (2017; also Executive Producer/Director), Beat Street (2016; also Producer/Co-Director/Writer), Blues for Life (2016), Addiction by Subtraction (2016), Love Different (2016), Zoe Ever After (1e 2016), The Last Time (2016; also Producer), Every Family Has Problems (2015), Blaq Gold (2015); Wounded (2016), Fade Away (2016) completed; He Watches Over Me (nd) in post-production; Pantheress (nd; also Producer) filming; as Producer, completed: The Divorce (2016); as Director, completed: Switching Lanes (nd); as Self: The 2nd Annual Miami Web Fest Awards (2015).
* Charley Lang (Ted Whitcomb): last known acting role in 2002, as Director in 2003.
* Jonathan Brandis (Terry Cohan): died in 2003.
* Clarence Clemons (Darrell Hennings): died in 2011.
* Walter Olkewicz (Callahan): in Twin Peaks (2e 2017); as Self: BearCity 3 (2016).
* Tim Thomerson (Jay Allen): in Asylum of Darkness (2017), Catfish Blues (2016); The Butterfly Guard (nd), Bring Me the Head of Lance Henriksen (nd) in post-production; Bristled (nd), Beautiful Evil (nd) announced; as Executive Producer, post-production: Enchanting the Mortals (nd); as Self: High Noon at the End of the Universe: The Making of Metalstorm (2016), Greetings from Sky Ranch (2015), The Iron Sarge (2015); as Self, post-production: Celluloid Wizards in the Video Wasteland: The Saga of Empire Pictures (nd).
* Richard Burgi (Curtis Bohannan): in General Hospital (111e 2015-2016), Rush Hour (1e 2016), Decommissioned (2016), No Letting Go (2015), Patient Killer (2015); Nothingman (2017) completed; Manopause (1e 2018) announced.
Michael Champion (Captain Cold): last known acting role in 1996 but The Legacy of Avril Kyte (nd) in pre-production.
* George Dickerson (Quinn): died in 2015.
* Ken Foree (Whisper): in The Midnight Man (2017; also Producer), Dimension 404 (1e 2017), The Rift: Dark Side of the Moon (2016; also Producer), The Divine Tragedies (2015); as Self: The Core (2018), The Rift: Behind the Scenes (2016), Inside Bryan (2015).
* Matt Landers (Harry Milgrim): died in 2015.
* Lenny von Dohlen (Jason Brassell): in The Maestro (2018), The Orville (1e 2017), Ray Meets Helen (2017), Just Within Reach (2017), Untitled Miami Project (2017), Threshold (2016), The Wandering Day (2016), Broken Horses (2015); Near Myth: The Oskar Knight Story (2018) completed; Nasty (2017) in post-production.
* Stan Ivar (Dr. Carl Tanner): last known acting role in 2010; as Self: High Chaparral Reunion 2016 Webcast (2016), High Chaparral Reunion Pay Per View Webcast (2015).
* Perrey Reeves (Pepper): in Famous in Love (11e 2017-2018), Hollow Body (2018), Entourage (2015), Babysitter's Black Book (2015); The World Without You (nd), The Jurassic Games (2018), Plus One (2019) in post-production; as Self: Teen Choice Awards 2017 (2017), Home & Family (2e 2015-2017), Beat Bobby Flay (1e 2016), The World Dog Awards (2015).
* Lora Zane (Angel): last known acting role in 2008.
* Bryan Cranston (Philip Moses): in Isle of Dogs (2018), Electric Dreams (1e 2017, 10e as Executive Producer), Curb Your Enthusiasm (1e 2017), SuperMansion (25e 2015-2017; also Executive Producer), Last Flag Flying (2017), The Disaster Artist (2017), The Upside (2017), Power Rangers (2017), Sneaky Pete (10e 2015-2017, 19e 2015-2018 as Executive Producer, 20e 2015-2018 as Creator, 1e 2015 as Story, 1e 2017 as Director), Why Him? (2016), Saturday Night Live (1e 2016), In Dubious Battle (2016), Wakefield (2016), The Infiltrator (2016; also Executive Producer), All the Way (2016; also Executive Producer), Robot Chicken (1e 2016), Get a Job (2016), Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016), Trumbo (2015); as Executive Producer, pre-production: The Dangerous Book for Boys (6e 2018); as Self: The EE British Academy Film Awards (2018), The One Show (1e 2018), Better Call Saul: It's a Bad, Bad World (2018), The Late Late Show with James Corden (5e 2015-2017), Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (3e 2015-2017), Jimmy Kimmel Live! (3e 2016-2017), The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (5e 2015-2017), WGN Morning News (3e 2016-2017), Extra (4e 2016-2017), The Graham Norton Show (2e 2016-2017), Good Morning Britain (1e 2017), Ok! TV (2e 2017), Conan (2e 2016-2017), Entertainment Tonight (12e 2015-2017), Late Night with Seth Meyers (2e 2016-2017), The Red Nose Day Special (2017), CBS This Morning (2e 2016-2017), Made in Hollywood (6e 2015-2017), Talking Saul (1e 2017), The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (4e 2015-2017), Live with Kelly and Ryan (4e 2016-2017), Today (4e 2016-2017), Watching, Waiting (2017), The Insider (1e 2017), E! Live from the Red Carpet (5e 2016-2017), The 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (2017), The 74th Golden Globe Awards (2017), Special Look (1e 2016), Hot Ones (1e 2016), Weekend Today (1e 2016), 24 Hours of Reality: The Road Forward (2016), The 2nd Annual Carney Awards (2016), KRQE News 13 (1e 2016), The Infiltrator: The Three Bobs (2016), 60 Minutes (1e 2016), The 68th Primetime Emmy Awards (2016), Bryan Cranston: Becoming LBJ (2016), Larry King Now (1e 2016), PoliticKING with Larry King (1e 2016), Good Morning America (3e 2015-2016), Real Time with Bill Maher (1e 2016), Birthday Stories with Lynn Hirschberg (1e 2016), The Oscars (2016), 20/20 (1e 2016), IMDb First Credit (1e 2016), The EE British Academy Film Awards (2016), Film 2016 (2016), 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (2016), World Premiere (1e 2016), 21st Annual Critics' Choice Awards (2016), Critics' Choice Awards Red Carpet Live (1e 2016), 73rd Golden Globe Awards (2016), Tavis Smiley (2e 2015), Variety Studio: Actors on Actors (1e 2015), The Robert MacNeil Report (1e 2015), The British Academy Britannia Awards (2015), Who Do You Think You Are? (1e 2015), Live from the Red Carpet: The 2015 Tony Awards (2015), The 69th Annual Tony Awards (2015), Inside Comedy (1e 2015), The 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (2015), 72nd Golden Globe Awards (2015); as Self, completed: Pink Elephants (2018); as Self, post-production: Every Act of Life (2017).
* Denise Crosby (Rebecca Frost): in The Doctor's Case (2018), XCOM 2: War of the Chosen (2017 VG), Ray Donovan (4e 2015-2017), The Watcher (2016), Castle (1e 2016), The Magicians (1e 2016), Don't Wake Mommy (2015), Scandal (1e 2015); Itsy Bitsy (2018) in post-production; as Self: Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary (2017), Comics, Beer & Sci-Fi (1e 2016), Home & Family (1e 2016), From the Mouths of Babes (3e 2016), Mother's & Others (2015), Captain Kyle's Cosplay Spotlight (1 episode 2015), Fanarchy (2015); as Self, post-production: Celluloid Wizards in the Video Wasteland: The Saga of Empire Pictures (nd).
* Lisa Darr (Terri Kronenberg): in Love (2e 2016-2017), Sweet/Vicious (1e 2017), CSI: Cyber (1e 2015).
* Yvette Nipar (Lisa March): last known acting role in 2007.
* Elizabeth Gracen (Celia Wayne): in Suspense (8e 2015-2018); as Producer/Director: Mary Anne (2015); as Executive Producer/Director/Writer: Lee (2017); as Executive Producer/Director, completed: The Damn Deal (2014; also Writer), Dance for Joy (2016); as Self: From the Mouths of Babes (1e 2016).
* Vincent Guastaferro (Thomas Castillo): in Dorkcore (2015).
* Charley Hayward (Trachmann): last known acting role in 2002.
* Don Hood (Frank Dejoy): died in 2003.
* Richard Kuss (Pete Donello): died in 1999.
* Harris Laskawy (Arthur Simonson): died in 2010.
* Lycia Naff (Lila): last known acting role in 2008.
* Lois Nettleton (Belle Crocker): died in 2008.
Marika Tse (Linda Park): last known acting role in 1992.

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