Tuesday, December 31, 2013

10 Very Bad Things Spider-Man Has Done

All these were done by the main (Earth-616) comic book version of Spider-Man

1.      Let a robber get away because he felt like it (Amazing Fantasy #15 August 1962). And yes he learned a hard lesson from that one. Or did he?
2.      Killed the Finisher by returning missile to sender (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5 November 1968)
3.      Caused his girlfriend’s death by shooting a webline at her falling form,  snapping her neck (Amazing Spider-Man #121 June 1973)
4.      Beat the Sin-Eater nearly to death, well after he was subdued (Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #110 January 1986)
5.      Arranged for Dr. Strange to remove his then-girlfriend Black Cat’s powers without her consent at an inopportune moment, causing her to receive a beating (Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #115 June 1986)
6.      Punched a woman so hard she was killed by a single blow (Spider-Man vs Wolverine #1 February 1987)
7.      Used a henchman as a human shield, thus causing the henchman’s death (Web of Spider-Man #91 August 1992)
8.      Hit his pregnant wife so hard she went flying (Spectacular Spider-Man #226 July 1995)
9.      Made a deal with a devil that erased his marriage from the timeline (Amazing Spider-Man #545 January 2008)
10.   Has repeatedly lied to friends and family about his secret identity including violating journalistic ethical standards by photographing himself in action and selling the photos to the Daily Bugle (too many instances to cite)

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