Wednesday, January 1, 2014

10 Memorable Things About 2013

These recollections are a stream of conscious perspective from a Victoria BC resident. I do not claim that these are the ten most important things that happened worldwide, just things that jump to mind (with a little help from scanning my Facebook newsfeed, etc).
1.      Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield completed a well documented two-month tour in a space station.
2.      Another Canadian, Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto was the target of a well-publicized drug and alcohol scandal.
3.      Numerous 20th century icons passed away in April. Arguably topping the list for that month were British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, film critic Roger Ebert, and DC publisher/Flash (Barry Allen) co-creator Carmine Infantino (the latter two died on the same day), and prolific B-movie filmmaker Jesus Franco.
4.      The 206, including cast and crew from Almost Live!, successfully brought Seattle comedy back to TV.
5.      Much to the shock of many people, the Liberals won the provincial BC election by a sizable margin.
6.      The Canadian movie theatre chain Empire Theatres breathed its last.
7.      For the most part the US and UK versions of the Blockbuster chain closed down (or were in the process of closing in December 2013), though some US franchises that licensed out the name instead of being owned by Blockbuster will remain open for the time being.
8.      Two Toronto icons, Honest Ed’s and World’s Biggest Bookstore were sold to developers. The former is expected to remain open for another two to three years but the latter is expected to close in early 2014.
9.      Pope Benedict XVI stepped down and was replaced by the more progressive Pope Francis.
10.   CNN took heat for discussing how the rape convictions of two Steubenville athletes ruined their promising football careers.

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