Saturday, December 28, 2013

My 2013 Predictions - Outcomes

Here are the results of the predictions made here (with a few extra details):

1.      At least one more video store in Greater Victoria BC (chain or mom and pop) will announce they are closing down. ACTUAL: RIP Video Express, Sidney
2.      Blockbuster will announce that they will be closing down in the US. ACTUAL: Basically yes (and UK as well). Some franchises will remain open, however, because they licensed the Blockbuster name but weren't owned by Blockbuster
3.      Red Dwarf series 11 will be commissioned. ACTUAL: Despite frequent rumours of activity, some of which may be true, this hasn't been commissioned yet.
4.      The Wolverine Index trade will  get a release date, concluding the otherwise already ended Marvel Index series ACTUAL: This was released close to the time of the movie.
5.      The NDP will win the BC election  ACTUAL: The biggest shock among these predictions was that the Liberals were re-elected espite their various scandals.
6.      Seattle will, as planned lunch their E and F Rapidride lines. ACTUAL: Both have been delayed to 2014 (February and June respectively)
7.      A 51st State in the US will be announced, likely but not necessarily Puerto Rico ACTUAL: I tried for a long shot but it didn't work out
8.      Some new gun-related legislation will pass in the US due to what happened in Newtown, ACTUAL: A bill was made as a result, but it got voted down
9.      There will be some sort of Charlton Comics related news (not related to Watchmen or to individual characters now owned by DC, though there may or may not be some other sort of DC connection) ACTUAL: No; I now think Charlton is gone if not forever then for many more years
10.   Arrow (which I haven’t seen yet) will be renewed for a second season ACTUAL: Still meaning to see, but it's back.
11. At least  one video store in a county serviced by Sound Transit (King, Snohomish, Pierce) will close, beyond Blockbuster ACTUAL: RIP Movies to Go in Lakewood
12. New pro-marijuana legislation will pass in Canada or at least in an area within Canada ACTUAL: Debatable; medical marijuana privatized in Canada

So my guesses weren't that great this year, though I was on solid ground with video stores closing. Ah well.

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