Sunday, June 3, 2018

Pacific Northwest Trip 2017 Day 16 Monday July 31: Seattle, Poulsbo, Sequim, Port Angeles, Victoria

This is the 16th of a series of posts dealing with my 2017 trip to Portland, Seattle, and vicinity. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports (typos, bits I don’t feel like making public). Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of two years later or to add further clarification.  These are indicated by “NOW”.

Overlooked a couple nights ago: a woman pointed out as I was leaving the Torchlight Parade upon its end that I had nearly left behind my camera case. I thanked her and told her my house keys were in the case.

I had partial insomnia during the left. Getting up before 5, I checked out of City Hostel Seattle and took an E Rapidride bus (King County Metro Transit) to near Seattle Ferry Terminal, where I bought a ticket to Bainbridge (it's free coming over but not on the way back). After some shots leaving Seattle the blackness covering most of the lens reappeared. I finally gave up and bought a breakfast sandwich on board the ferry.

I got off the ferry and boarded the 90 bus (Kitsap Transit; no charge due to the Orca card transfer from the E bus). My camera went back to showing full image and I took the bus to North Viking Transit Center in Poulsbo. I got on a 7 Bus (Jefferson Transit), getting a daypass. In Port Hadlock the blackness reappeared. I got off the bus in Haines Park & Ride in Port Townsend. The full camera frame reappeared briefly as the bus left Port Townsend.

[NOW: Most of what I thought was full image did have some overexposure to the right. The camera proved to be irreparable.]

Sometime between Four Corners Park & Ride and Discovery Bay Village I figured out that each time the blackness appeared, I could turn my camera off, lightly whack it, and turn it back on and the image would usually be corrected for a bit. Sometimes more than one try needed. I did this for much of the rest of the trip. I got off at Sequim Transit Center in Sequim and transferred to a 30 Commuter bus (Clallam Transit) which I took to Gateway Transit Center, Port Angeles.

I got a couple Blu-rays at E-Z Pawn, partly because two years ago I was allowed to keep my bags behind the counter for a while. I asked and got permission to do this again. I walked up to 2nd Ave for the view, then walked to Jack in the Box for lunch, the same one at had lunch at the start of the trip. I visited the Rocktopus and visited the Visitor Info Center to use their computer and convert the current of my newer purchases. I recovered the bags from E-Z Pawn (they suggested I head out the back which was close to my next destination) and walked to the Black Ball Ferry Terminal. As I arrived, the camera blacking out happened one last time. No further issue. I took Black Ball's Coho ferry back to Victoria, clearing Customs & Immigration. I dropped my stuff off at my place and got caught up on a few things such as visiting my volunteer place, Pacific Peoples' Partnership and getting a couple things from Legends Comics.

[NOW: The images on the ferry ride back proved to be fairly badly exposed at right.]

I did toy with the idea of making this my last trip as I'm pretty burnt out by this one. But it's kind of like asking a James Bond actor right after making a movie: ask again after there's been time to recover. I don't have a huge desire to do one of these kinds of trips right now, but will I be working on another such trip next April-June, location unknown? Yeah, probably. Check back in a few months and see how I feel then.

[NOW: I am indeed doing another Seattle and area trip this July barring any non-trip circumstances.]

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