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Pacific Northwest Trip 2017 Day 12 Thursday July 27: Seattle, Tacoma, Spanaway

This is the 12th of a series of posts dealing with my 2017 trip to Portland, Seattle, and vicinity. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports (typos, bits I don’t feel like making public). Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of two years later or to add further clarification.  These are indicated by “NOW”.

I haven't been checking emails in the morning (this is the first time) but had to send an urgent email so just this once thought I'd do a morning report. Last night I discovered something I'd already suspected: a book I bought at Powell's is missing. I also noticed an empty DVD wrapper so am a bit concerned it was stolen, further sending my thumb downward for this trip.

[NOW: The book did turn up later.]

It's drizzling this morning. I limped to Seattle Center; en route a squirrel was eating food within touching distance. Right foot sore but so far not as bad as yesterday. Some numbing started yesterday so that's helped every so often.  I got a replacement $20 from a Bank of America ATM at the Center. International Fountain still barricaded but if things go as per usual schedule should be open later today. A seagull and some crows were fighting over a bag of food; it got nasty for a moment. Was going to go up Kerry Park for the view again but want to wait until it clears. Returned to the hostel where I sent the Portland hostel messages by email and on Facebook. Also checked and weather is supposed to improve.

Hopefully trip will get better for next few days. Definitely been giving some thought to cutting it short.

[NOW: The above was written in the morning. The rest was written in the evening.]

I walked along 2nd Ave to Target which turned out to be a good thing because I realized that a bus stop I planned to go to after breakfast was out of commission. After Target and the usual Rachel the Pig at Pike Place Market, I located where I needed to get on and returned to the hostel for breakfast.

After breakfast I took an E Rapidride bus (King County Metro Transit) one stop (up a hill); the tap machine wasn't working but the driver didn't seem concerned. I walked to the stop I found earlier and took a 590 bus (Sound Transit) to the University of Washington, Tacoma. After a brief stop in the University Bookstore I walked along the Bridge of Glass (the bridge itself isn't made of glass but there are glass displays of art, a teaser for the nearby Museum of Glass).

Around this time I noticed that my camera was overexposing to the right. I did notice that a bit yesterday but had attributed it to sundown. Unfortunately I left my backup camera at City Hostel Seattle, so it would have been a long excursion to retrieve it and come back.

[NOW: This problem got worse as the trip progressed. The camera, fortunately under extended warranty, proved damaged beyond repair. I suspect a delayed reaction to that Sunday drop at Gas Works Park.]

I took a 3 bus (all *buses* before leaving Tacoma for Seattle Pierce Transit) to Tacoma Mall Transit Center. It was harder than usual to find Half Price Books in a complex near the mall; probably in part due to being in a bad headspace. I did get a DVD then, returning to Tacoma Mall, got another DVD at f.y.e. | ran out of time to catch the 3 bus at the Transit Center but the driver let me on anyway nearby.

I got off downtown and walked to Destiny Comics. There was a doorway inside to King’s Books next door and after a minute of looking around the comic shop the bookstore's cat demanded I acknowledge him. I petted him and looked around the bookstore. I left the bookstore and looked at my itinerary to plan my next move. The cat went outside demanding more loves. I wish I had sat down outside which I think the cat wanted but was concerned out the time. I did pet the cat some more however.

I got on the 1 bus and took it to Spanaway. The bus only announced some stops again so I overshot my stop. I doubled-back and got a couple DVDs from Home Video Express. I was going to have lunch at McDonald’s but noticed a Godfather Pizza. I decided to go there for two reasons: one was I hadn't been to one in over a decade and missed it. The other reason was self-preservation: if my friend Diana found out I could have had lunch at Godfather Pizza and opted for McDonald’s instead I would have been in trouble.

I took a later 1 bus back to Tacoma than intended but it ended up barely connecting to the 13 bus I wanted anyway. A group of Asian girls (I'm using the term properly here: not adults) got off the stop before mine and I noticed one left their hand held device so I gave it to the driver upon exiting. I visited Backstage Video. Since there was time before the next bus I ended up doing a long downhill hike and then eventually catching a 1 bus back to the University of Washington where I bought a Vanilla Coke.  At the nearby Union Station I took the Tacoma Link light rail (Sound Transit; free for a few more years) one stop and got another DVD at Tacoma Transit Center.

During my Sound Transit bus rides and my 1 bus rides my mind kept wandering as I was taking photos, largely due to the latest camera issues but I was also sleepy. On the bus back I kept having to jerk myself back awake every few seconds or so. In Seattle I hit a period of slow traffic. I finally got off and took an E Rapidride bus back to the hostel.

There my trip nearly came to a premature end. I switched cameras but my backup camera kept giving me a lens error. The thought of dealing with both the bloody foot issues and the camera overexposure for a few more days was unappealing. Finally after a few tries it did turn on, so I do now have a camera with no overexposure. I walked to the International Fountain at Seattle Center; as predicted it was now on. I had dinner at McDonald's; this McDonald's had a sign rating: its food safety as Excellent; in contrast a few days ago I passed a dinner with only a Good ratting. I returned to the fountain for a bit and then returned to the hostel. Other than a placeholder response on Facebook, no word yet from the Portland hostel.

[NOW: Northwest Portland Hostel did reply to me later, but by then I had found the book.]

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