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The Prisoner (1967-1968): Where are They Now?

LAST UPDATED: October 15, 2016. Info derived from imdb (and a little from Wikipedia). Only movies/shows 2014-on noted by name. Only actors in 2+ episodes noted, plus actors who played Number 2, normally the main adversary of each episode. *=newly added names.

Recurring Actors, 2 or More Episodes
See under Number Two Actors for: Leo McKern (Number Two/Former Number Two), Kenneth Griffith (The President/Schnipps/Number Two), Patrick Cargill (Number Two/Thorpe), Colin Gordon (Number Two), Georgina Cookson (Mrs. Butterworth/Blonde Lady).
Patrick McGoohan (Number Six): died in 2009.
Angelo Muscat (The Butler): died in 1977.
Peter Swanwick (Supervisor): died in 1968.
Fenella Fielding (Loudspeaker Announcer): in Worst Fears (2016); as Self: Horror Icon (2016), Carry on Forever (1 episode 2015); as Self, completed: Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel (nd).
Christopher Benjamin (Labour Exchange Manager/Number Two's Assistant/Potter): in The Legend of Tarzan (2016).
Michael Miller (Man in Buggy/Number Ninety-Three/The Delegate): last known acting role in 1982.
Alexis Kanner (The Kid/Photographer/Chief's voice/Number Forty Eight): died in 2003.
Frank Maher (Number Six/Number Twelve/Third Gunman): died in 2007.
Pauline Chamberlain (Villager/Party Guest/Woman at Ceremony): last known acting role in 1989.
George Markstein (Man Behind Desk in Title Sequence): died in 1987.
Harold Berens (Boxing M.C./Reporter): died in 1995.
John Cazabon (Umbrella Man/Man in Cave): died in 1983.
Bee Duffell (2nd Psychiatrist/Psychiatrist): died in 1974.
John Maxim (Number Eighty Six – scenes deleted/Second Judge): died in 1990.
Larry Taylor (Mexican Sam/Gypsy Man): died in 2003.
Grace Arnold (Number Thirty Six/Maid): died in 1979.
Denis Shaw (Shopkeeper): died in 1971.
Max Faulkner (Scots Napoleon/First Horseman): died in 2010.
Gerry Crampton (Kosho Game Opponent/1st Guardian): died in 2009.
Michael Danvers-Walker (First New Man/Painter): last known acting role in 1983, then 1973 before that.
Patsy Smart (Night Maid/Waitress): died in 1996.
Bill Cummings (Second Horseman/Henchman): died in 2002.
Peter Brace (1st Mechanic/1st Guardian): last known acting role in 1990, as Stunts in 1995.
Lucy Griffiths (Lady in Corridor/Third Judge): died in 1982.
Jack Cooper (1st Guardian/Second Corridor Guard): died in 2010.
George Leech (4th Guardian/First Corridor Guard): died in 2012
Frederick Piper (Ex-Admiral): died in 1979.

Number Two Actors
Guy Doleman (Arrival): died in 1996.
George Baker (Arrival): died in 2011.
Leo McKern (The Chimes of Big Ben, Once Upon a Time, Fall Out): died in 2002.
Colin Gordon (A. B. and C.; The General): died in 1972.
Eric Portman (Free for All): died in 1969.
Rachel Herbert (Free for All): last known acting role in 1994.
Anton Rodgers (The Schizoid Man): died in 2007.
Georgina Cookson (Many Happy Returns): died in 2011.
Mary Morris (Dance of the Dead): died in 1988.
Peter Wyngarde (Checkmate): last known acting role in 1994; as Self: It Was Alright in the 70s (1 episode 2015), Timeshift (1 episode 2014); as Self, filming: Life After Flash (2017).
Patrick Cargill (Hammer into Anvil): died in 1996.
Andre Van Gyseghem (It’s Your Funeral): died in 1979.
Derren Nesbitt (It’s Your Funeral): in Home for Christmas (2014); Jackie (nd) in pre-production; as Self: From Stage to Screen (2016), Tomorrow's Man (2015), The Greatest Ever War Films (2014).
John Sharp (A Change of Mind): died in 1992.
Clifford Evans (Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling): died in 1985.
David Bauer (Living in Harmony): died in 1973.
Kenneth Griffith (The Girl Who Was Death): died in 2006.
Robert Rietty (voice in title sequences): died in 2015.

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