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Six Million Dollar Man (1974-1978) and Bionic Woman (1976-1978): Where are They Now?

LAST UPDATED: October 16, 2015. Info derived from imdb. Only movies/shows 2014-on noted by name. Only actors in 3+ episodes (non-archive) noted. *=newly added name.

The Six Million Dollar Man (1974-1978)
Lee Majors (Steve Austin): in Ash vs Evil Dead (4 episodes 2016), Wild Bill Hickok: Swift Justice (2016), Jean (2016), Toxin: 700 Days Left on Earth (2015), Do You Believe? (2015), AXI: Avengers of eXtreme Illusions (1 episode 2015, 1 as Self), The Gift (2014), The Legend of DarkHorse County (2014), Raising Hope (1 episode 2014); Spring Break '83 (nd), Victory by Submission (2016), Almosting It (2016) completed; The Mechanic (2015), Dead Rising (2017) in post-production; as Self: The Greg Gutfeld Show (1 episode 2015); as Self, post-production: The Time Machinists (2015); as Self, pre-production: IMDb at San Diego Comic-Con (1 episode 2016).
Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldman): in The Blood Trail (2015); last previous known acting role in 1998; as Self: Classic Hollywood Cinemas (2015), Anatomy of a Film (2014).
Martin E. Brooks (Dr. Rudy Wells): died in 2015.
Lindsay Wagner (Jaime Sommers): in Change of Heart (2016), Love Finds You in Valentine (2016), NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (1 episode 2015), Warehouse 13 (1 episode 2014); Wi Na Go (2013) completed; as Self: Home & Family (1 episode 2015), Mama Mae: The Life and Music of Mae Boren Axton (2015).
Alan Oppenheimer (Dr. Rudy Wells): in Fallout 4 (2015 video game), Fall of Grayskull (2015), Adventure Time with Finn & Jake (1 episode 2014), Foxcatcher (2014); as Self: TV's Nastiest Villains (2014); as Self, completed: Toy Masters (nd).
Remaining Cast Various Unless Noted:
Quinn K. Redeker: last known acting role in 2012 but Toilet Talk (nd) in pre-production; as Writer, announced: Manifest Destiny (nd).
Than Wyenn: died in 2015.
Farrah Fawcett: died in 2009.
Bruce Glover: in Influence (2015), Scammerhead (2014); Untitled Crispin Hellion Glover Project (nd) in post-production.
Lloyd Bochner: died in 2005.
Paul Carr: died in 2006.
Curt Lowens: last known acting role in 2013; as Self: Curt Lowens: A Life of Changes (2015), Harry Held TV Visits the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival (2015).
William Sylvester (Prescott): died in 1995.
Hank Stohl: died in 2008.
Hank Brandt: died in 2004.
John de Lancie: in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (8 episodes 2014-2016), The Mythicist Milwaukee Show (1 episode 2016), The Librarians (1 episode 2015), StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void (2015 video game), Visions (2015), The Moneymaker (2015), Topsy McGee vs. The Sky Pirates (2014), The Mentalist (1 episode 2014), Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff (2014 video game), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (1 episode 2014); Mind Puppets (2015), World of Warcraft: Legion (2016 video game) in post-production; Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars (2016 video game) announced; as Self: Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Unknown Possibilities of Existence: Making All Good Things... (2014), Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Sky's the Limit - The Eclipse of Star Trek: The Next Generation (2014), Chaos on the Bridge (2014), Beyond the Five Year Mission: The Evolution of Star Trek - The Next Generation (2014), Sidewalks Entertainment (1 episode 2014); as Self, post-production: 50 Years of Star Trek (2016).
Bob Neill: last known acting role in 2013.
Jennifer Darling (Peggy Callahan): in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (2015 video game); last known non-video game role in 2012.
Noah Keen: last known acting role in 2006, then 1993 before that, as Self in 2009.
Barry Cahill: died in 2012.
James Ingersoll: last known acting role in 2013.
Henry Jones (Dr. Chester Dolenz): died in 1999.
Ken Swofford: last known acting role in 2004.
Pamela Hensley: last known acting role in 1985.
Jane Merrow (Irina Leonova): last known acting role in 2013 but Cougar (2015; also Writer), The Spiritualist (2016), Almosting It (2016) completed; Light (2015) in post-production; as Producer/Writer, completed: The Damned Thing (2014); as Self in 2013.
Severn Darden (Apploy): died in 1995.
Stefanie Powers (Shalon): in Love by the Book (2014), Ring by Spring (2014); Prism (nd) in pre-production; as Self: Weekend (1 episode 2016), Mama Mae: The Life and Music of Mae Boren Axton (2015), The Nicole Barrett Show (1 episode 2014), Home & Family (1 episode 2014).
Martha Scott (Helen Elgin): died in 2003.
David Sheiner: last known acting role in 1988.
Mills Watson: last known acting role in 1992.
Ford Rainey (Jim Elgin): died in 2005.
Austin Stoker: in Give Til It Hurts (2015), Shhhh (2015); Fire and Ice (nd) in pre-production; as Self, completed: Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel (nd).
W.T. Zacha: last known acting role in 1989, as Costume Supervisor in 1999.
Martin Speer: last known acting role in 1991.
Walter Brooke: died in 1986.
Fred Lerner: died in 1979.
Trent Dolan: last known acting role in 2001.
Jimmy Joyce: died in 2011.
Charles Cyphers (Faler): last known acting role in 2007 but Stingy Jack (nd) in production; as Self in 2013.
William Scherer: in House on Rodeo Gulch (2016; also Writer/Director/Executive Producer/Producer/Editor/Digital Effects/Special Effects/Sound Editor/Sound Mixer/Production Manager/Production Designer/Animal Trainer/Production Coordinator/Script Supervisor/Casting Director/Property Master), then this; as Writer/Director/Producer, pre-production: Cantiga Bay (nd); as Writer, in production: New Horizons (nd).
Virginia Gregg: died in 1986.
* Vince Howard: last known acting role in 1994.
Jim Raymond: last known acting role in 1992, as Stunts in 1997.
Eddie Fontaine: died in 1992.
Scott B. Wells: last known acting role in 1976.
Jim B. Smith: died in 2009.
Stuart Nisbet: died in 2016.
Terry Leonard: in Rush Hour (1 episode 2016); as Stunts, various: Furious Seven (2015), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014), Happy Face Killer (2014); as Stunt Coordinator, filming: Snowfall (2016); as Second Unit Director: Bull Fighters (2015); as Second Unit Director, announced: Phoenix 454 (nd).
* Steve Stafford: in Better Call Saul (1 episode 2016), Agent X (1 episode 2015), LA Apocalypse (2014; also Stunt Pilot); Zoobiquity (2016; also Aerial Coordinator) completed; as Aerial Coordinator, completed: Range 15 (2016); as Stunt Pilot: Code Black (1 episode 2016); as Stunt Pilot, post-production: The Wall (nd).
* Lee Elias (uncredited): last known acting role in 1991.
* Gene LeBell (uncredited): in Enter the Fist and the Golden Fleecing (2016), The Search for Count Dante (2015); as Self: Faith (2016), Through My Father's Eyes (2016), Safest Place on Earth (2015), UFC Ultimate Insider (1 episode 2014); as Self, post-production: Through My Father's Eyes: The Ronda Rousey Story (2016).

The Bionic Woman (1976-1978)
Lindsay Wagner, Richard Anderson, Martin E. Brooks, Lee Majors, Ford Rainey, Jennifer Darling (same roles): as above
Sam Chew Jr. (Mark Russell): last known acting role in 1998.
Martha Scott (Helen Elgin): died in 2003.
Christopher Stone (Chris Williams): died in 1995.
Christian Juttner (Teddy): last known acting role in 1980, as Self in 2003.
Don Porter (Dr. James Courtney): died in 1997.
Remaining Cast Various Unless Noted:
Diane Cary: in Haraka (2015), Kantemir (2015; also Executive Producer); American Fango (2016) completed.
Henry Kingi: in Ride Along 2 (2016), Enter the Fist and the Golden Fleecing (2016), Our Brand Is Crisis (2015); as Stunts, various: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016),  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Furious Seven (2015), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014); as Stunts, post-production: Fast 8 (2017); as Self: Unsung Hollywood (1 episode 2015); as Self, post-production:    Breaking Bones, Breaking Barriers (2017).
René Assa: died in 2002.
Al Hansen (Trucker): last known acting role in 2008.
Robbie Rist (Andrew): in Transformers: Robots in Disguise (3 episodes 2016), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (3 episodes 2015-2016), The Adventures of Puss in Boots (2 episodes 2015-2016), Naruto Shippûden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 (2016 video game), Doc McStuffins (3 episodes 2014-2015), Sonic Boom (1 episode 2015), Life Interrupted (2015), Monster Farm (unknown episodes 2014), The Last: Naruto the Movie (2014), Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution (2014 video game), Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie (2014); Olde News (nd), The Untold Story (2017) completed; Quality Problems (2016) in post-production; as Composer, Theme: Life Interrupted (2015); as Self: No Sleep TV3 (1 episode 2016), LeagueOne: In the Spotlight! (unknown episodes 2014), Dish Nation (1 episode 2014), Mystery Diners (1 episode 2014).
Roger Til: died in 2002.
Robbie Wolcott (Mark): last known acting role in 1978.
Linda Wiser: died in 1984.
Alycia Gardner (Gwen): last known acting role in 1976.
Walt Davis: died in 1981.
Billy Rittenbaugh (Arty): no other known acting roles.
Kenneth O'Brien: died in 1985.
* Shawnte Northcutte (Girl Student; uncredited): last known acting role in 1980

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