Friday, August 30, 2013

10 Meta-Fiction Movies Part 2

Note: This isn’t meant to be a complete list or a top 10, but rather the ten random ones as they come to me and then sorted into alphabetical order. For this list, I’ve left out grey areas (e.g. movies like Running Man and Network, where there’s a show within a movie, but the show is “real” within the fictional world).  I may include those in the next go-around. I’ve also left out movies like Home Alone where the main bit of meta-fiction is a character talking to the viewer; there needs to be something beyond that to make the list.

Part 1 can be found here:

1.      And God Spoke: Misadventures of filmmakers trying to tell the story of the Bible; in order to raise money they have to take liberties with the story, including incorporating pop into the Bible.
2.      Cecil B. DeMented: Guerillas kidnap an actress as part of their fight for independent movie freedom.
3.      Chillerama: The framework for this movie’s short films is a drive-in on its last days showing the movies before getting involved in a horror situation itself.
4.      Cut: When filming a slasher flick, filmmakers accidently create a slasher for real, whose lifeforce is tied to the only print of the movie.
5.      The Icicle Thief: A filmmaker finds that when his movie (basically The Bicycle Thief) is shown on TV, commercials and the viewers at home start to change the movie.
6.      Orgazmo: A Mormon is hired to play a superhero for an x-rated movie and has to do some of the scenes, with stand-ins for the more sexual scenes.
7.      The Producers: A couple of producers need to make a movie that will fail in the box office and find to their horror the movie turning into an unintentionally funny hit.
8.      Terror Firmer: People are being murdered on the set of a Troma-like movie.
9.      A Very Brady Sequel: As with the first movie, some scenes parallel events in the Brady Bunch TV show, while a drug-induced hallucination brings about images from the Brady Kids cartoon series.
10.   Watchmen (Ultimate Cut): While not in the theatrical version or the Director’s Cut, this version, as with the comic, has a kid reading a comic called Tales of the Black Freighter which parallels happenings in the main movie (this is similar to the comic book version of Watchmen, but the Black Freighter sequences are shown as a cartoon; the cartoon also has its own non-meta DVD release; thank you to my friend Troy for this suggestion).

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