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James Bond: Where are They Now Part 19: Licence to Kill (1989)

LAST UPDATED October 5, 2016. Info derived from imdb. Only roles 2013 and later still being tracked. This is the nineteenth in a series that will track actors from the various James Bond movies and shows over the years (official and key unofficial versions). Uncredited roles only noted if the character is named.

Aside from actors who appeared in a pair of movies (Dalton, Hedison, Bliss), this is the final appearance in the Bond franchise of the longer appearing Robert Brown as M.

Timothy Dalton (James Bond): in Penny Dreadful (20 episodes 2014-2016), Toy Story That Time Forgot (2014).
Carey Lowell (Pam Bouvier): in C Street (2016), The Cause (2014).
Robert Davi (Franz Sanchez): in Spreading Darkness (2016), The Bronx Bull (2016), Criminal (2016), Sicilian Vampire (2015), Club Life (2015), A Perfect Vacation (2015), Bob Dylan: The Night We Called It a Day (2015), Sopra la media (2015), Lost Time (2014; also Executive Producer), The Expendables 3 (2014), A Long Way Off (2014), Asteroid vs. Earth (2014), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (1 episode 2014), Black Rose (2014), You Are (2014); Spring Break '83 (nd), Feast of Fear (nd) completed; Your Move (nd), Deported (2016) in post-production; Reagan (nd), Under the Dark (2017) in pre-production; Poor Paul (nd) announced; as Producer/Self, post-production: Davi's Way (2016); as Writer, announced: The Voice (nd); as Self: Classic Hollywood Cinemas (2016), The High Road with Drake and Serena Travis (1 episode 2016), Africa's Predator Zones (unknown episodes 2015), Hell's Kitchen (1 episode 2015), Haapasalo Goes America (1 episode 2014), Tweet Out (1 episode 2014), Give Me Shelter (2014), Dirty Laundry Live (1 episode 2014); as Self, post-production: The Corrupt and the Dead (2016).
Talisa Soto (Lupe Lamora): last known acting role in 2013.
Anthony Zerbe (Milton Krest): in Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks (2014); The Investigation (2016) in pre-production.
Frank McRae (Sharkey): last known acting role in 2006; as Self in 2011.
David Hedison (Felix Leiter): in Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk (2017); last previous known acting role in 2005; as Self: The Green Girl (2014).
Wayne Newton (Professor Joe Butcher): in Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens (2016), Still the King (1 episode 2016); Dice (1 episode 2016) in post-production; Numba One (2015) in pre-production; as Self: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (1 episode 2016), Brother vs. Brother (1 episode 2016), Access Hollywood Live (1 episode 2016), Entertainment Tonight (1 episode 2015), 2015 Billboard Music Awards (2015), The O'Reilly Factor (1 episode 2014).
Benicio Del Toro (Dario): in The Little Prince (2015), Sicario (2015), A Perfect Day (2015), Inherent Vice (2014), Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014; also Executive Producer), Guardians of the Galaxy (2014); Weightless (2017) completed; Star Wars: Episode VIII (2017) in post-production; Soldado (nd), The Trap (2017) in pre-production; The Corporation (nd) announced; as Executive Producer: Viva (2015); as Self: The Oscars (2016), Birthday Stories with Lynn Hirschberg (1 episode 2016), The EE British Academy Film Awards (2016), The Big Interview with Dan Rather (1 episode 2016), The 2015 HOLA Awards (2016), Close Up with the Hollywood Reporter (1 episode 2016), Sicario: Blunt, Brolin & Benicio - Portraying the Characters of Sicario (2016), Variety Studio: Actors on Actors (2 episodes 2015), Celebrity Conversations (1 episode 2015), Días de cine (2 episodes 2014-2015), Cinema 3 (5 episodes 2014-2015), Conan (1 episode 2015), Tria33 (1 episode 2015), The Poet of Havana (2015), Ok! TV (1 episode 2015), Let's Go, DFW! (1 episode 2015), Made in Hollywood (3 episodes 2014-2015), Entertainment Tonight (2 episodes 2015), Today (2 episodes 2015), Live! With Kelly and Michael (1 episode 2015), The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (1 episode 2015), Reel Junkie (1 episode 2015), Up Close with Carrie Keagan (1 episode 2015), Le grand journal de Canal+ (1 episode 2015), Guide to the Galaxy with James Gunn (2014), Rencontres de cinema (1 episode 2014), Premio Donostia a Benicio del Toro (2014), Creature Feature: 60 Years of the Gill-Man (2014), The Insider (1 episode 2014), And the Oscar Goes To... (2014).
Anthony Starke (Truman-Lodge): in A Christmas Eve Miracle (2015), Hand of God (4 episodes 2014-2015), Mad Men (1 episode 2015), Reluctant Nanny (2015), Meet My Valentine (2015), Perception (1 episode 2014).
Everett McGill (Ed Killifer): in Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces (2014); last previous known acting role in 1999 but Twin Peaks (18 episodes 2017) in pre-production.
Desmond Llewelyn (Q): died in 1999.
Pedro Armendáriz Jr. (President Hector Lopez): died in 2011; Desde dentro (nd) in pre-production.
Robert Brown (M): died in 2003.
Priscilla Barnes (Della Churchill Leiter): in Jane the Virgin (25 episodes 2014-2016), NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (1 episode 2015), Break a Hip (1 episode 2015), Turkey (2015); Jonny's Sweet Revenge (2016) completed.
Don Stroud (Heller): last known acting role in 2012.
Caroline Bliss (Miss Moneypenny): last known acting role in 1996.
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Kwang): in The Whole World at Our Feet (2016), Kubo and the Two Strings (2016), Grimm (1 episode 2016), Beyond the Game (2016), Showdown in Manila (2016), The Man in the High Castle (11 episodes 2015-2016), Ierey-san. Ispoved samuraya (2015), Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon (2015), Little Boy (2015), The Man with the Iron Fists 2 (2015), Junction (2015), The Librarians (1 episode 2014), Skin Trade (2014), Tekken: A Man Called X (2014), Ninja Apocalypse (2014), Teen Wolf (1 episode 2014), Hype Nation 3D (2014); Duel of Legends (2016; also Producer), World of Warcraft: Legion (2016 video game) in post-production; Sky Sharks (2017) filming; Reagan (nd), On the Mark (nd) in pre-production; as Self, pre-production: IMDb at San Diego Comic-Con (1 episode 2016).
Grand L. Bush (Hawkins): last known acting role in 2002.
Alejandro Bracho (Perez): in Getsemaní (2016), Texas Rising (2 episodes 2015).
Guy De Saint Cyr (Braun): last known acting role in 2001.
Rafer Johnson (Mullens): last known acting role in 1989; as Self in 2011.
Diane Hsu (Loti): in Collar (2016).
Christopher Neame (Fallon): last known acting role in 2013.
Jeannine Bisignano (Stripper): last known acting role in 2010; as Self in 2012.
Claudio Brook (Montelongo): died in 1995.
Cynthia Fallon (Consuelo): no other known acting roles.
Enrique Novi (Rasmussen): last known acting role in 2011.
Osami Kawawo (Oriental): no other known acting roles.
George Belanger (Doctor): last known acting role in 2007; as Self: Katie Chats (1 episode 2014).
Roger Cudney (Wavekrest Captain): in Sueño de amor (12 epispdes 2016), Hasta el fin del mundo (5 episodes 2015), Tiempos felices (2014), The Perfect Dictatorship (2014), Cantinflas (2014), Camelia La Texana (4 episodes 2014), Cesar Chavez (2014); Hysteria (2016) completed; Por Siempre Joan Sebastian (1 episode 2016) in post-production.
Honorato Magaloni (Chief Chemist): last known acting role in 2003; as Writer (original idea) in 2008.
Jorge Russek (Pit Boss): died in 1998.
Sergio Corona (Bellboy): in Como dice el dicho (460 episodes 2011-2016), South of 8 (2016; also Score Composer), Selección canina (2015).
Stuart Quan (Ninja): died in 2006.
José Abdala (Tanker Driver): last known acting role in 2011, then 2000.
Teresa Blake (Ticket Agent): last known acting role in 1998.
Samuel Benjamin Lancaster (Della's Uncle): no other known acting roles.
Juan Peláez (Casino Manager): died in 2013.
Mark Kelty (Coast Guard Radio Operator): last known acting role in 1989.
Humberto Elizondo (Hotel Assistant Manager): in Como dice el dicho (2 episodes 2015-2016), Simply María (89 episodes 2015-2016), Hasta el fin del mundo (10 episodes 2014-2015), Por siempre mi amor (115 episodes 2013-2014).
Fidel Garriga (Sanchez's Driver): died in 2014; in Las Bravo (1 episode 2014).
Edna Bolkan (Barrelhead Waitress): last known acting role in 2008.
Eddie Edenfield (Clive): no known subsequent acting roles.
Jeff Moldovan (Warehouse Guard): died in 2013.
Carl Ciarfalio (Warehouse Guard): in The GPS Zone (2016), Ominous (2015), Pontiac Angel (2015; also Stunt Coordinator), Community (1 episode 2015; also Stunts), Extant (1 episode 2014), Chasing the Past (2014), Mercenaries (2014; also Stunts), The Extendables (2014; also Stunt Coordinator); Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel (nd), American Bistro (2012; also Stunt Coordinator) completed; as Stunts, various: Black Mass (2016), Meet the Blacks (2016), Tooken (2015), Frankenstein (2015), Rellik (2015), Taken 3 (2014), Tell (2014), How to Make Love Like an Englishman (2014), Come Back to Me (2014), Isa (2014), Swelter (2014), Ride Along (2014), The Spy Who Came to Brunch (2014); as Stunt Coordinator, completed: Chaser (2015); as Stunt Coordinator, pre-production: Shades of Vengeance (nd); as Second Unit Director, post-production: Solar Eclipse: Depth of Darkness (2017); as Second Unit Director, announced: These Woods (2016); as Associate Producer, pre-production: Make a Wish (2017); as Self: Doomed: The Untold Story of Roger Corman's the Fantastic Four (2015).
Bob Martinez (Customs officer): no other known acting roles.
Uncredited Cast:
Gerardo Albarrán (Alvarez): in Passion and Power (46 episodes 2015-2016), Sense8 (2 episodes 2015), Como dice el dicho (2 episodes 2014), El Hombre de Negro II (2014); Mi Padrino (2017) in post-productiion; as Stunt Coordinator: Spectre (2015); as Self: Noches Con Platanito (1 episode 2016).
Tom Bahr (Marshall #1): last known acting role in 1994, as Stunts in 2012, as Picture Boat Consultant in 2010, as Marine Coordinator in 2006.
Chick Bernhardt (Marshall Driver): in Hollywood Adventures (2015); as Stunts, various: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (2016), War Dogs (2016), Ballers (3 episodes 2015-2016), The Infiltrator (2016), Marauders (2016), Bloodline (6 episodes 2015-2016), Graceland (26 episodes 2014-2015), Graceland Insider (unknown episodes 2014), Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014); as Stunt Coordinator, completed: Bastards (2016); as Stunt Driver, completed: Gifted (2017); as Stunt Actor, post-production: Baywatch (2017); as Stunt Coordinator, filming: Overtown (2015); as Stunts, filming: Transformers: The Last Knight (2017).
Andrew Castillo (Seaplane Pilot): last known acting role in 1997.
James D'Orta (Doctor): no other known acting roles; as Self in 2007.
Christopher De Stefano (Altar Boy (St. Mary Star of the Sea Church)): in Ballers (5 episodes 2015-2016), War Dogs (2016), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Ride Along 2 (2016), A Change of Heart (2016), Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip (2015), The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015), Terminator Genisys (2015), Jurassic World (2015), Dolphin Tale 2 (2014), Graceland (3 episodes 2014), Hoke (2014), Percentage (2014); Bastards (2016) completed; Baywatch (2017) in post-production; as Director/Screenplay/Original Story/Producer, in production: Postcards (nd); as Director/Writer, in production: Dutchess and Her Royal Pups (nd); as Original Story/Producer, announced: My American Cousin (nd); as Stunt Double/Stunt Driver: Paper Towns (2015).
Alex Edlin (Marshall #2): last known acting role in 1999, as Stunts in 2012; as Marine Coordinator: Tomorrowland (2015).
Lars Lundgren (Probe Operator): in Cannibal Fog (2014; also Action Coordinator/Pyrotechnician); as Stunt Coordinator/Special Effects, post-production: Zon 261 (2016).
Branscombe Richmond (Barrelhead Bar Patron): in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016); Inquisitor (nd; also Stunt Coordinator/Producer), Surf Break Hotel (2016), Kuleana (2016; also Associate Producer), Roadies (6 episodes 2016), Angel by Thursday (2016; also Co-Producer) in post-production; as Associate Producer: Ride the Thunder (2015).
John Sabol (Naval Officer): in Since I Don't Have You (2013); last previous known acting role in 1994.
Jorge Valdés García (Casino Guest): last known acting role in 2006; as Extras Casting Director: Sundown (2016); as Extras Casting, completed: Hands of Stone (2016).
Michael G. Wilson (DEA Agent voice): in Spectre (2015; also Producer); as Executive Producer: Radiator (2014), The Silent Storm (2014); as Producer, announced: Bond 25 (nd); as Self: The Nation's Favourite Bond Song (2015), Pinewood: 80 Years of Movie Magic (2015), Comic Relief: Behind the Bond (2015).

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