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James Bond: Where are They Now Part 18: The Living Daylights (1987)

LAST UPDATED October 1, 2016. Info derived from imdb. Only roles 2014 and later still being tracked. This is the eighteenth in a series that will track actors from the various James Bond movies and shows over the years (official and key unofficial versions). All known cast members noted.

This is Walter Gotell’s final appearance as General Anatol Gogol and Geoffrey Keen’s as Minister of Defence.

Timothy Dalton (James Bond): in Penny Dreadful (27 episodes 2014-2016), Toy Story That Time Forgot (2014).
Maryam d'Abo (Kara Milovy): in Altamira (2016), X Company (1 episode 2015), Tigers (2014); The Masterful Hermit (2016) completed.
Jeroen Krabbé (General Georgi Koskov): in De Roze Bril (2016), Sneeuwwitje en de Zeven Kleine Mensen (2015); Gangster Kittens (2011) filming; as Self: De slimste mens ter wereld (6n episodes 2015-2016), De wereld draait door (1 episode 2015), Boudewijn de Groot - Kom nader (2015), Pauw (1 episode 2014), Wat een drama (1 episode 2014), Pauw & Witteman (1 episode 2014).
Joe Don Baker (Brad Whitaker): last known acting role in 2012.
John Rhys-Davies (General Leonid Pushkin): in Winter Thaw (2016), Peter: The Redemption (2016; also Executive Producer), TripTank (7 episodes 2015-2016), The Shannara Chronicles (8 episodes 2016), The Barefoot Bandits (1 episode 2015), Golden Shoes (2015), Harvey Beaks (1 episode 2015), The Adventures of Puss in Boots (1 episode 2015), Beyond the Mask (2015), Killing Jesus (2015), The Red Dress (2015), To Have and to Hold (2015), Lantern City (unknown episodes 2014), Once Upon a Time (3 episodes 2014), Once Upon a Time: Storybrooke Has Frozen Over (2014), Under Milk Wood (2014), Metal Hurlant Chronicles (1 episode 2014), Saul: The Journey to Damascus (2014), Time Lapse (2014), Apocalypse Pompeii (2014), Hieroglyph (2014); Camera Store (2016) completed; Nameless (nd), Aux (nd; also Executive Producer), Squadron 42 (2016 video game), Valley of the Gods (2017), The Half Dead (2017) in post-production; Ellston Bay (2017; also Executive Producer) filming; Alex in the Afternoons (nd), The Lion Inside (nd), Glastonbury Isle of Light: Journey of the Grail (2016), The Blue Mauritius (2017), Starbright (2017), Junior Crew (2017) in pre-production; as Executive Producer, post-production: Joseph and Mary (2016); as Self: Groovey.TV's Celebration of Badassery Interview Series (1 episode 2016), Many Beautiful Things (2015), Home & Family (1 episode 2015), The Watchmaker's Apprentice (2015), Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made (2015).
Art Malik (Kamran Shah): in Cold Feet (5 episodes 2016), ); The Infiltrator (2016), Indian Summers (2 episodes 2016), Undercover (1 episode 2015), Arthur & George (3 episodes 2015), Homeland (4 episodes 2014), Borgia (8 episodes 2014), Two Black Coffees (2014); Mirzya (2016), Halal Daddy (2017), The Escape (2017) in post-production; The Butterfly (nd) in pre-production.
Andreas Wisniewski (Necros): last known acting role in 2013.
Thomas Wheatley (Saunders): in Royal Shakespeare Company: Love's Labour's Lost (2015).
Desmond Llewelyn (Q): died in 1999.
Robert Brown (M): died in 2003.
Geoffrey Keen (Minister of Defence): died in 2005.
Walter Gotell (General Anatol Gogol): died in 1997.
Caroline Bliss (Miss Moneypenny): last known acting role in 1996.
John Terry (Felix Leiter): last known acting role in 2013.
Virginia Hey (Rubavitch): in Kosmos (5 episodes 2015), Rick and Morty (1 episode 2014); Dark Ascension (2017) in pre-production; Devil's Dandruff (2016) announced; as Self: Ckds at the Cons: Chippenham 2014 (2014).
John Bowe (Colonel Feyador): in Emmerdale Farm (254 episodes 2014-2016), Gozo (2015), Assassin's Creed: Unity (2014 video game), Casualty (1 episode 2014), Ruby's Skin (2014).
Julie T. Wallace (Rosika Miklos): in Man Down (1 episode 2015), Stag Hunt (2015); The Spiritualist (2016) completed.
Belle Avery (Linda): last known acting role in 1999, as Producer in 2008; as Producer/Writer, pre-production: Meg (2018).
Catherine Rabett (Liz): last known acting role in 2009.
Dulice Liecier (Ava): last known acting role in 1988.
Nadim Sawalha (Tangier Chief of Security): last known acting role in 2013 but The Rendezvous (2016) in post-production.
Alan Talbot (Koskov's KGB Minder): died in 2014.
Carl Rigg (Imposter): last known acting role in 2008.
Tony Cyrus (Chief of Snow Leopard Brotherhood): died in 2001.
Atik Mohamed (Achmed): last known acting role in 2004.
Michael Moor (Kamran's Man): no known subsequent acting roles.
Sumar Khan (Kamran's Man): last known acting role in 1993.
Ken Sharrock (Jailer): died in 2005.
Peter Porteous (Gasworks Supervisor): died in 2005.
Antony Carrick (Blayden Male Secretary): last known acting role in 2010.
Frederick Warder (004): in Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016), Mr. Sloane (1 episode 2014); as Self, post-production: A World War II Fairytale: The Making of Michael Mann's 'The Keep' (2017).
Glyn Baker (002): last known acting role in 1988.
Scott Hoxby (Sergeant Stagg): in Reality Show (2015), Aquarius (4 episodes 2015), Mad Men (1 episode 2014).
Bill Weston (Blayden Butler): died in 2012.
Richard Cubison (Trade Centre Toastmaster): last known acting roles in 2011.
Heinz Winter (Vienna Hotel Concierge): died in 1991.
Leslie French (Lavatory Attendant): died in 1999.
Odette Benatar (Girl): no other known acting roles.
Dianna Casale (Girl): no other known acting roles.
Sharon Devlin (Girl): last known acting role in 1998.
Femi Gardiner (Girl): no other known acting roles.
Patricia Keefer (Girl): no known subsequent acting roles.
Ruddy Rodríguez (Girl): in Cumbia Ninja (32 episodes 2014-2015); Natalia de 8 a 9 (2004) completed.
Mayte Sanchez (Girl): last known acting role in 1996.
Cela Savannah (Girl): no other known acting roles.
Karen Seeberg (Girl): no other known acting roles, as Self in 2007.
Waris Dirie (Girl): no other known acting roles; as Co-Producer in 2009, as Self in 2010.
Karen Williams (Girl): last known acting role in 1991.
Uncredited Cast:
Del Baker (Russian Jail Guard): last known acting role in 2004, as Stunt Coordinator in 2007.
John Barry (Orchestra Conductor): died in 2011; as Composer: Additional; Music: Nocturama (2016); as Music: Gintberg på kanten (1 episode 2014).
Marc Boyle (Blayden Grounds MI6 Man): died in 1999.
Barbara Broccoli (Opera Patron): no other known acting roles; as Producer: Spectre (2015); as Executive Producer: Radiator (2014), The Silent Storm (2014); as Producer, post-production: Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool (2017); as Producer, announced: Bond 25 (nd); as Self: Spectre: Bond's Biggest Opening Sequence (2016), The Nation's Favourite Bond Song (2015).
Graham Cole (Agent): in Doctors (1 episode 2015), Law & Order: UK (1 episode 2014), Evil Never Dies (2014); Zunz (2016) completed; Brothers in Law (nd) in pre-production.
Simon Crane (Gibraltar Soldier #1): last known acting role in 1997; as Stunts: Unbroken (2014); as Stunt Coordinator/Second Unit Director: Edge of Tomorrow (2014), Maleficent (2014); as Stunt-Coordinator: Re-Shoots/Action Unit Director Reshoots, post-production: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016); as Second Unit Director, post-production: Jason Bourne (2016), The Huntsman (2016); as Self: A World on the 'Edge of Tomorrow' (2014), Edge of Tomorrow: Creatures Not of This World (2014), Edge of Tomorrow: Weapons of the Future (2014), Edge of Tomorrow: Storming the Beach (2014).
Gregor Grubhofer (Boy with Balloon): no other known acting roles.
Alan Harris (Man Firing Ghetto Blaster): no known subsequent acting roles; as Double/Stand-In in 1999.
Suzy Herman (Boy’s Mother): no other known acting roles.
Michel Julienne (Man in White Car): last known acting role in 2004; as Stunts, various: Vincent (2016), Bastille Day (2016), Meurtres à… (1 episode 2016), Families (2015), The Transporter Refueled (2015), The Disappearance (1 episode 2015), Le Bureau des Légendes (1 episode 2015), The Passenger (1 episode 2015), I Kissed a Girl (2015), Taken 3 (2014), The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014), Lucy (2014), Get Well Soon (2014), Brick Mansions (2014), Mafiosa (2 episodes 2014), Taxi Brooklyn (2 episodes 2014), The Last Diamond (2014), Vaugand (1 episode 2014), 3 Days to Kill (2014), Les rayures du zèbre (2014), Divin enfant (2014); as Stunts, post-production: Bright-eyed Revenge (4 episodes 2016); as Self: Rocketing from 0-60 (2015).
Gertan Klauber (Fairground Cafe Owner): died in 2008.
Derek Lyons (MI6 Agent): in Z-Listers (2014); as Self: A Bond for Life: How James Bond Changed My Life (2016), Elstree 1976 (2015); as Self, filming: Life After Flash (2017).
Robert Miranda (Pushkin's Hitman): in Pizza with Bullets (2015); The Unlikely's (2016) completed; Proximity to Power (2016) announced.
Michael Percival (Chef): last known acting role in 2010.
Hanno Pöschl (Prater Ferris Wheel Operator): in BÖsterreich (1 episode 2014).
Kerry Shale (Necros and Parrot voice): in Thomas & Friends: Ultimate Friendship Adventures (2016), Thomas & Friends: Full Steam to the Rescue! (2016), Thomas & Friends: Tinsel on the Tracks (2016), Thomas & Friends (149 episodes 2010-2015), The Amazing World of Gumball (8 episodes 2014-2015), Thomas & Friends: The Complete Series 17 (2016), New Blood (1 episode 2016), Thomas & Friends: The Great Race (2016), Undercover (1 episode 2016), Deponia Doomsday (2016 video game), Thomas & Friends: Start Your Engines! (2016), Thomas & Friends: Tales on the Rails (2015), Randal's Monday (2015 video game), Thomas & Friends: Thomas' Christmas Carol (2015), Narcopolis (2015), New Tricks (1 episode 2015), Thomas & Friends: 1st Class Stories (2015), Victor Vran (2015 video game), Blues and Bullets (2015 video game), Thomas & Friends: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure (2015), Batman: Arkham Knight (2015 video game), Thomas & Friends: Wild Water Rescue and Other Engine Adventures (2015), Thomas & Friends: Whale of a Tale and Other Sodor Adventures (2015), The Cannibal in the Jungle (2015), Thomas & Friends: The Complete Series 16 (2015), Moonwalkers (2015), Thomas & Friends: The Adventure Begins (2015), Incognito (2015), Thomas & Friends: Dinos and Discoveries (2015), Thomas & Friends: Signals Crossed (2014), The Crew (2014 video game), Thomas & Friends: The Christmas Engines (2014), Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments (2014 video game), Thomas & Friends: Engines to the Rescue (2014), Thomas & Friends: Tale of the Brave (2014), Blood Moon (2014), Sacred 3 (2014 video game), Thomas & Friends: The Complete Series 15 (2014), Transformers Universe (2014 video game), Thomas & Friends: Trouble on the Tracks (2014), Mr Selfridge (1 episode 2014), Thomas & Friends: Spills and Thrills (2014), Rambo: The Video Game (2014 video game), The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2014: Animation (2014).
Chris Webb (Soldier Distracted by Kara): in Savant: Kali 47 (2015); as Stunt Assistant: The Anomaly (2014)
Paul Weston (Gibraltar Soldier #3): in Spectre (2015), Off Their Rockers (8 episodes 2014-2015).
Nick Wilkinson (Russian Soldier on Plane): last known acting role in 2000; as Stunts: Mr. Turner (2014).
Jane Wilson (Opera Patron): no other known acting roles.
Michael G. Wilson (Opera Patron): in Spectre (2015; also Producer); as Executive Producer: Radiator (2014), The Silent Storm (2014); as Producer, announced: Bond 25 (nd); as Self: The Nation's Favourite Bond Song (2015), Pinewood: 80 Years of Movie Magic (2015), Comic Relief: Behind the Bond (2015).

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