Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ten Shows Never Released on DVD that Should Be

Note: Some of these may exist as bootleg DVDs.

1.      Almost Live!: Seattle based comedy skit series. Many of the skits are up on YouTube and remain funny to this day.

2.      The Big Apple: Short lived show with Ed O’Neil playing a tough as nails cop.

3.      Brimstone: Brilliant but perhaps a bit before its time: After souls escape from Hell, another lost soul is given a second chance at life by the devil; he just has to hunt down the escapees and send them back by shooting them in the eyes.

4.      Cupid (1998 series): Further Entourage star plays a guy who’s either Cupid or a madman who thinks he is.  The 2009 remake series is out but not this 1998 original.

5.      Fantasy Island (1998 series): While I also like the original series, the 1998 remake with Malcolm McDowell is darker still and has some nice twisted humour. As with the original people visit an island to fulfil a fantasy, but there’s usually a price to be paid.

6.      Fonz and the Happy Days Gang: Three of the young men from the live action Happy Days series find themselves lost in time in this animated series along with a talking dead and a girl from the future who was responsible for their predicament. Cheesy but fun, and actually resolved the situation in the last episode.

7.      The Fugitive (2000 series): Nice blend of the drama of the original series and the action of the movie. As with the earlier versions a doctor is on the run for a crime he didn’t commit.

8.      The Littlest Hobo (1979 series): A nomadic dog helps out people (as per the 1963 series, which does have episodes out on DVD). Cheesy, implausible, but a lot of fun in its own unique way. To my knowledge, all episodes can be found on the CTV site, including the two-parter that established that the dog’s a mutant.

9.      Misfits of Science: About misfits somehow changed in different ways by science. It has action, fun 1980s special effects, humour, Dean Martin’s late son Dean Paul Martin, the guy who played Predator (Kevin Peter Hall), and a pre-Friends Courtney Cox.

10.   Power Play: A businessman is torn between moving a hockey team and keeping it in its hometown of Hamilton; comedy/drama.

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