Sunday, February 17, 2013

10 Unusual Deaths of Marvel Characters

10 Unusual Deaths of Marvel Characters
All deaths are still in effect unless indicated by “NEGATED”.

  1. Blue Eagle and Pinball: While flying, his Blue Eagle’s anti-gravity belt was drained by Lamprey. He saw Pinball below him and decided to land on Pinball to try to cushion his fall. He only succeeded in getting them both killed (Squadron Supreme #12 1986).
  2. Billy Connors: Eaten by his father, the Lizard (Amazing Spider-Man #631 2010).
  3. Hellcow: Staked by an anthropomorphic duck (Howard the Duck story in Giant-Size Man-Thing #5 1975; NEGATED).
  4. Phantom and Guardian: Not to be confused with better known characters of the same names, they shot each other to death fighting over a toy gun (Speedball story in Marvel Super-Heroes #3 1990).
  5. The Porcupine: Tripped and fell on one of his quills (Captain America #315 1986).
  6. Skrulls trapped in cow form: Eventually slaughtered and made into hamburgers (flashback in Skrull Kill Krew #2 1995).
  7. Spider-Man: Mind transferred to Doctor Octopus’ body where he dies from Doctor Octopus’ own health problems (partly NEGATED; likely to be fully negated later).
  8. Spymaster:  Temporarily intangible, rendered tangible by the Ghost while passing through a wall (Iron Man #220 1987; partly NEGATED; proved to be an impostor who remains dead).
  9. Gwen Stacy: Green Goblin tossed her off a bridge; then Spider-Man shot a webline at her to break her fall, thus breaking her neck (Amazing Spider-Man #121 1973).
  10. Adam Warlock: Already dying, his soul was absorbed into a gem by his own past self (Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2 1977; NEGATED).

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