Saturday, September 3, 2016

Swamp Thing (1990-1993): Where are They Now?

Note: This was originally part of a blog entry on DC live action series of the 1980s and 1990s. It has been split into separate entries to allow for expanded coverage. Specific titles noted only for 2014-on. Information derived from the imdb. *=newly added name from earlier post. Only actors in 3+ episodes noted.

Dick Durock (Swamp Thing): died in 2009.
Mark Lindsay Chapman (Dr. Anton Arcane): in Small Town Prince (2015), Futbol (2015), Ominous (2015), Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story (2015), Christmas in Palm Springs (2014); The Good Twin (2016) filming; as Co-Producer: Style Queens (unknown episodes 2016), Cristiano Ronaldo: World at His Feet (2014; also First Assistant Director).
Scott Garrison (Will Kipp): last known acting role in 1996.
Kevin Quigley (Graham): last known acting role in 2008 but Drifting (2014) completed; as Camera Operator: This Is Mike Stud (1 episode 2016).
Carrell Meyers (Tressa Kipp): no known subsequent acting roles.
Jesse Ziegler (Jim Kripp): last known acting role in 1995.
Anthony Galde (Obo Hartison): no known subsequent acting roles.
Kari Wuhrer (Abigail): in Secrets of a Psychopath (2015), Vixen (3 episodes 2015), Disney Infinity 3.0 (2015 video game), Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem (2015), The Marvel Experience (2014), Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014); as Self: Sharkmania: The Top 15 Biggest Baddest Bloodiest Bites (2014), Untold with Maria Menounos (1 episode 2014), Sproutnado: She Sells Seashells (2014), Sproutnado: So Many Numbers in the Ocean (2014). Marc Macaulay (Sheriff Andrews): in Careful What You Wish For (2015), All Saints Eve (2015), House of Bodies (2014); Lionheart (2016) completed.
William Whitehead (Dr. Holllister): last known acting role in 1994 (also Writer), as Self in 1995.
Patrick Neil Quinn (Alec Holland): last known acting role in 2000.
Doc Duhame (Keifer/Wilkes/Mutant/Intruder #1): in Next Time on Lonny (1 episode 2014); as Stunt Double: Better Call Saul (2 episodes 2015), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014); as Stunts: Toxin (2015), V/H/S: Viral (2014); as Stunt Coordinator, completed: The Way We Weren't (nd); as Stunt Performer, post-production: Shooter (1 episode nd).
Jacob Witkin (General Sunderland): in Evil Bong: High 5 (2016), Hail, Caesar! (2016), The Amazing Wizard of Paws (2015), The Three Canvases (2015), Postman Pat: The Movie (2014), Next Time on Lonny (1 episode 2014), The Prisoner (2014), All Aboard the Magical Music Express: Volume 2 (2014), The Bijou: A One Way Crossing (2014); Broken Vows (2016) completed; Orbit (nd), Option Zero (nd) in post-production.
Janet Julian (Dr. Ann Fisk): last known acting role in 1995.
John F. Hoye (various): last known acting role in 1993.
Judy Clayton (various): died in 2015.
* Tom Nowicki (Nestor Parkins): in Hawaii Five-0 (4 episodes 2014-2016)
* Patricia Helwick (Savanna Langford): last known acting role in 1992.
* Tom Nowicki (Mickey Paradise/Clarence Pickens/Greg Dunbar): in Te Ata (2016), Greenleaf (1 episode 2016), Bloodline (2 episodes 2016), Confirmation (2016), Game of Silence (1 episode 2016), The Inspectors (1 episode 2016), Bolden! (2015), Ashby (2015), Thunder Broke the Heavens (2015), My Fair Lidy (2015), Dolphin Tale 2 (2014), Satisfaction (3 episodes 2014); When the Bough Breaks (2016) completed; El Empantanado: The Muddy (2016), The Little Mermaid (2017) in post-production.

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