Saturday, September 26, 2015

Crazy Comic Book Numbering 5

This is the latest in a series of posts covering how various comic series have had name changes or an unusual numbering pattern. The titles covered will give you a sense of what I’m getting at. To qualify the numbering must rename the same or if changed, there must somehow be an obvious tie to the original number somehow. Hiatuses not counted until there is a name and/or numbering change in between. There must also be at least three different names and/or renumberings. Info source:  the current edition of Overstreet’s price guide.

Five cases per post.

Note: I decided against covering All-Famous Crime for now because I’m not convinced that Overstreet has the name pattern right for this title

Note: apparently for Batman and Robin only the cover title changed and not the indicia, hence its exclusion

Case #21 (Archie)
·        Archie… Archie Andrews, Where are You? 1-8 February 1977-?
·        Archie… Archie Andrews, Where are You? Comics Digest 9-10 ?
·        Archie… Archie Andrews, Where are You? Comics Digest Magazine 11-114 ?- May 1998

Case #22 (Marvel)
·        Avengers 1-402 September 1963-September 1996
·        Avengers 1-13 November 1996-November 1997
·        Avengers 1-84 February 1998-August 2004 then back to original numbering:
·        Avengers 500-503 September 2004-December 2004

Note: I decided not to count Avengers Annual this time around because there was not clear point where the first series’ Annuals folded back into the third series’ Annuals, putting them at two each rather than four.

Case #23 (Ace/Periodical)
·        Indian Braves 1-4 March 1951-September 1951
·        Baffling Mysteries 5-26 November 1951-October 1955
·        Heroes of the Wild Frontier 27 January 1956 then renumbered:
·        Heroes of the Wild Frontier 2 April 1956

Case #24 (Comic Media/Allen Hardy/Charlton)
·        Dynamite 1-9 May 1953-September 1954
·        Johnny Dynamite 10-12 June 1955-October 1955
·        Foreign Intrigues 14-15 1956-August 1956 (no #13)
·        Battlefield Action 16-84 November 1957-November 1984

Case #25 (Archie)
·        Betty & Veronica Annual Digest Magazine 1-4 November 1980-1984?
·        Betty & Veronica Comics Digest Magazine 5-43 ?
·        Betty & Veronica Digest Magazine 44-208 ?-November 2010
·        Betty & Veronica Friends Double Digest 209-Present January 2011-Present

Note: Overstreet’s listing for this title is rather confusing. I may have some of the names off.

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