Sunday, August 16, 2015

Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) Actors: Where are They Now?

LAST UPDATED: November 7, 2016. Info derived from the imdb. Only titles 2014-on noted by name. All known cast members noted.

Gregory Walcott (Jeff Trent): died in 2015.
Mona McKinnon (Paula Trent): died in 1990.
Duke Moore (Lieutenant Harper): died in 1976
Tom Keene (Colonel Edwards): died in 1963.
Carl Anthony (Patrolman Larry): last known acting role in 1982 and 1960 before that; as Self in 1992.
Paul Marco (Patrolman Kelton): died in 2006.
Tor Johnson (Inspector Clay): died in 1971.
Dudley Manlove (Eros): died in 1996.
Joanna Lee (Tanna): died in 2003.
John Breckinridge (Ruler): died in 1996.
Lyle Talbot (General Roberts): died in 1996.
David De Mering (Danny): died in 1980.
Norma McCarty (Edith): died in 2014.
Bill Ash (Captain): died in 2011.
Lynn Lemon (Reverend): died in 2008.
Ben Frommer (Man): died in 1992.
Gloria Dea (Girl): no known subsequent acting roles.
Conrad Brooks (Policeman): in Subconscious Reality (2016), Joey Hollywood's Movie Night 2 (2015), Toilet Gator (2015), Plan 9 (2015), Super Hell 3: Dreams of Horror (2014), Psychotic State (2014); Don't Let the Devil In (2016) completed; Revenge of the Devil Bat (2016), Pitfire of Hell (2016), Midnight Massacre (2016), Abaddon (2018) filming; Attack of the Giant Gull (nd; also Executive Producer) in pre-production; as Self: Donald G. Jackson: Confessions (2014).
Vampira (Vampire Girl): died in 2008.
Bela Lugosi (Ghoul Man): died in 1956.
Criswell (Narrator): died in 1982.
Uncredited Cast:
Donald A. Davis (Drunk): died in 1982.
Johnny Duncan (Second Stretcher Bearer): died in 2016.
Karl Johnson (Farmer Calder): died in 1993.
Tom Mason (Ghoul Man with Cape Over Face): died in 1980.
J. Edward Reynolds (Gravedigger): died in 1963.
Clay Stone (Mourner Reading Bible in Opening Scene): no known subsequent acting roles.
Hugh Thomas Jr. (Gravedigger): died in 1981.
Edward D. Wood Jr. (Man Holding Newspaper): died in 1978.

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