Monday, January 12, 2015

10 Facebook Buttons and Settings I’d Like to See

1.      Sharing of Own Volition: For when you want to share a post but want to make it clear you’re doing so on your own accord and not because the post told you to
2.      Hide “Share If…” Posts: When you're perfectly okay with being one of the 95% who won't share the posts and therefore don't really need to see them.
3.      Auto-Snopes: When someone posts an obvious urban myth, clicking this button will automatically post the relevant debunking article from Snopes
4.      Jam Feed View to Most Recent: Clicking this will prevent the News Feed to reverting to Top Stories without clicking this a second time
5.      Attachment Unavailable Summary: Clicking on this gives a brief summary of the attachment that someone posted which is coming up as unavailable
6.      Well, That Sucks: Unlike a Dislike button, which could be used to attack a user, a Well, That Sucks button could be used for death announcements, suffering from explosive diarrhea posts, and anything else where the Like button makes little sense
7.      Perma-Trending: Creates a permanent link to a Trending topic in case the public loses interest in the topic before you do
8.      Anti-Awkward Friend Suggestions: Clicking this prevents Facebook from suggesting people who have defriended you as Friends
9.      No Eek!: Clicking this button will open a field where you can choose topics/photos that gross you out from appearing on your newsfeed (dead doggies and the like)
10.   Walking on the Wildside: as #9, only you’re indicating you want certain topics/photos not normally allowed on Facebook to appear

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