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Eastern Canada Trip 2013 Day 2 Friday September 13 Toronto, Peterborough, Oshawa

This is the second of a series of posts dealing with my third trip to Eastern Canada. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports. Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of a year later or to add further clarification.  These are indicated by “NOW”.

Having only had about three hours sleep before getting here, my first day here I only got a little over two. Partly it was distracting that some women in the room apparently prepared to go to a party with a theme of not being fully dressed (at least that's my theory), but it was humid and the hostel may be in the loudest intersection in Toronto: streetcar, sirens, honking, loud motors, loud talking below my room.  I was finally starting to sleep okay and then my alarm went off telling me it was time to start the day.

[NOW: The hostel, Global Village Backpackers, is now closed.]

I walked to Union GO Station (all transportation today GO Transit). Lots of construction there. The anatomically correct nude guy statue, gone last year, was back this year. I bought a daypass covering Peterborough, took the Lakeshore East train to Oshawa GO Station, then took the 88 bus to Peterborough Bus Terminal.  Got the front right top of the doubeldecker bus. An older guy beside bbe chatted with me a bit, which helped with fighting sleep.

[NOW: The statue is called Monument to Multiculturalism]

Peterborough was really cold, winter cold even.  I walked to Peterborough Square where I grabbed breakfast at McDonald's. I tried to get my receipt but the server snatched it away too quickly.  I also got some DVDs and a blu-ray set (Girls Season 2) at Disc Depot there. I visited Moondance, Jeff's Cards & Comics (not on my list, not yet open), Bluestreak Records; a store on my list beside it was gone. Switching from King to Water St. I passed a couple book stores on my list not yet open (Scholars West, Thea’s), visited Books n' Things, Dixon Books, A couple of books stores were gone apparently, but one was once in Peterborough Square, which has no full directory that I could find. I got some DVDs at Chumleighs (not on the list); bought some DVDs; very happy dealer; he told me the cold snap was an anomaly. I visited Mark Jokinen Books and Knotanew Books (latter not on my list). I walked along Milleniunm Park past the river whose name escapes me at the moment and I'm too sleepy to look it up. Was going to cross to the island but again, too cold.

[NOW: The river is Otonabee River.]

Was hoping to take an earlier bus out of Peterborough but service is bi-hourly so after getting some schedules at Peterborough Bus Terminal so I returned to McDonald’s at Peterborough Square and had the worst bacon cheeseburgers I'd every tasted.; this time I didn't let the woman take away the receipt.  At the terminal I took a returning 88 bus (this time not at front but still on top) to Newcastle Carpool Stop. There I took a 90 bus, making it to the front seat around Bowmanville, which encompassed most of the ride.

I got off just before Oshawa Centre Mall (in Oshawa of course) and got DVDs at Deja Vu Discs (a pain to type in Word because it autocorrects to the phrase, not the way the store spells it; the phrase has accents and a lowercase “v”). I visited Worlds Collide Comics. Comic Alley was gone from its old location but I remembered seeing it on the 90 bus so tracked down its new locations. There I confirmed that two video stores I'd never been to (one in Oshawa one in Whitby) were long gone, saving me a walk. It was cool and overcast out so I cut out a couple places I was lukewarm about. I walked to Star Records which I didn't care for the DVD collection of, but en route I found the Canadian Automobile Museum and paid the $5 to get in. Not huge but two floors; lots of vintage cars.  After the museum I went to Oshawa GO Terminal. I was going to go to Whitby but realized that I didn't want to be weighed down by comics at Comic Addition (If there were even any cheap ones there) and there was nothing else to see. So I saw another 90 bus across the street so I took it back to Oshawa GO Station and returned to Toronto. En route transit police checked everyone's ticket.  A young woman new to Ontario's paid card system (PRESTO) made errors and while not fined did get a formal warning. She was quite distraught and upset at her friend for not giving her the heads up that she had to tap the card at the end of a trip and not just the start. The train ride was otherwise comfy and I fought sleep often.

I dropped off stuff at the hostel; Toronto was also getting pretty cold, though not quite as cold as Peterborough. Heading north along Spadina I saw that TheatreBooks had moved to a new location and visited it. I ate dinner at Hero Burgers. I little pricey but needed their better quality burgers after those cheeseburgers earlier.  I walked to Yonge-Dundas Square. I think the same performers who I thought were professional quality last year were playing this time; if not the music and quality were comparable. Near the square I visited Future Shop, the new Silver Snail Comics location, HMV, the southernmost Yonge branch of Sunrise Records (there are three on Yonge I believe), then the BMV from yesterday. I fought sleep a little more waiting for the terminal to free up but now can turn in early and catch up; normally wouldn't turn in this early but hey, lots of days left this trip for evening walks in Toronto!

[NOW: There were three Sunrise Records on Yonge, but the one at Sheppard Centre is now closed.]

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