Monday, March 3, 2014

12 Ways of Improving the Razzies

Over time the Golden Raspberry Awards, or Razzies have gotten a bit stale, which is a shame because I honestly feel that if televised in the right way, the Razzies could make for a fun night's entertainment.

Here are twelve ways of improving the Razzies without breaking the budget of them. In terms of adding awards categories from the Academy Awards I'm taking it on a case by case basis. The general public probably doesn't care about fashion or set design but they do grumble about some of the other categories after a movie.

  1. Upload the entire ceremony to YouTube. Once that would have be cost prohibitive but nowadays a standard camera can shoot perfectly decent video. This could entice a network to air the awards.
  2. Stop nominating/awarding Razzies for men in drag in the Actress categories. That joke wasn't tht funny the first time around and the gag has been beaten to death. Besides, do you want women to feel safe from doing a bad performance because they know a man will take the award instead?
  3. Be more deadpan, less wacky in Razzies videos. Act completely seriousness while discussing the amount of skill and talent needed to win a Razzie.
  4. New Category: Worst Performance in an Otherwise Good Movie. Unearth the hidden gems of bad performances
  5. New Category: Most Overrated Movie. Limit the choices to movies not nominated in other categories and which level out at 60% or greater in Rotten Tomatoes' Tomato-meter. Puncture the pretentions of some of the loftier movies
  6. New Oscars-Inspired Category: Worst Special Effects. Sometimes movies with bad special effects are more entertaining than good ones.
  7. New Oscars-Inspired Category: Worst Song: Salute those songs in movies that are so obnoxious they can't get dislodged afterwards
  8. New Oscars-Inspired Category: Worst Documentary: Salute documentaries are too heavy handed or too boring or both
  9. Once per ceremony when no one shows up to accept an award, pause for a few moments and then play the kind of music that gets played when Oscar acceptance speech goes on too long.
  10. Break for mock commercials
  11. Do an In-Memoriam for performers who are still alive but whose acting careers have supposedly died
  12. Do the opposite of the Oscars and announce a much longer running time than the Awards actually need at the start and then at the end announce that remainder of the time will be filled by a previous Razzie winning movie.

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