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James Bond: Where are They Now Part 9: Diamonds are Forever

LAST UPDATED November 19, 2015. Info derived from imdb. Only roles 2014 and later still being tracked. This is the ninth in a series that will track actors from the various James Bond movies and shows over the years (official and key unofficial versions). All known cast members noted. * = newly added name.

Sean Connery (James Bond): last known acting role in 2012 (also Executive Producer), as Self in 2012.
Jill St. John (Tiffany Case): in Northpole (2014); last previous known acting role in 2002; as Self: Robert Osborne's 20th Anniversary Tribute (2015).
Charles Gray (Blofeld): died in 2000
Lana Wood (Plenty O'Toole): in Subconscious Reality (2016), Bestseller (2015), Donors (2014); Killing Poe (2015) in post-production; The Executive (nd) filming; Wild Faith (2017), Race to Judgment (2017) in pre-production; Byer's Bog (nd), Holly, Jingles and Clyde 3D (2017) announced; Virtue (nd) in production; as Self: Too Young to Die (1 episode 2014.
Jimmy Dean (Willard Whyte): died in 2010.
Bruce Cabot (Saxby): died in 1972.
Putter Smith (Mr. Kidd): last known acting role in 1987, as Composer in 1990 as Self in 2013.
Bruce Glover (Mr. Wint): in Influence (2015), Scammerhead (2014); Untitled Crispin Hellion Glover Project (nd) in post-production.
Norman Burton (Leiter): died in 2003.
Joseph F├╝rst (Dr. Metz): died in 2005.
Bernard Lee (M): died in 1981.
Desmond Llewelyn (Q): died in 1999.
Leonard Barr (Shady Tree): died in 1980.
Lois Maxwell (Moneypenny): died in 2007.
Margaret Lacey (Mrs. Whistler): died in 1988.
Joe Robinson (Peter Franks): no known subsequent acting roles; as Self in 2006.
David de Keyser (Doctor): in Stan Lee's Lucky Man (1 episode 2016), samuel-613 (2015), Suspects (3 episodes 2014), Closer to the Moon (2014); F-ck Me in Yiddish (2014).
Laurence Naismith (Sir Donald Munger): died in 1992.
David Bauer (Mr. Slumber): died in 1973.
Marc Lawrence (Slumber Inc. Attendant): died in 2005
Sid Haig (Slumber Inc. Attendant): in Groovey.TV's Celebration of Badassery Interview Series (1 episode 2015), Bone Tomahawk (2015), Suicide for Beginners (2015), Twiztid: Sick Man (2014); High on the Hog (nd; also Producer), Razor (2016) completed; Death House (2017), Cynthia (2017) in post-production; Abruptio (2018) filming; 86 Zombies (5 episodes 2017) announced; as Self: Bathing in Blood with Sid Haig (2016), Sid Haig's Filipino Adventures (2016), Vinyl Rewind (1 episode 2016), Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini (2015), Nerd Nation TV (1 episode 2015), Movies and Stuff (1 episode 2015), Adam Green's Scary Sleepover (2 episodes 2015), Quickies (1 episode 2015), I Am Santa Claus (2014), Moviecops (2 episodes 2014), That Hashtag Show (1 episode 2014), MoreHorror in Hollywood (1 episode 2014); as elf, post-production: To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story (2016); as Self, filming: Clapboard Jungle: Surviving the Independent Film Business (2016).
Uncredited Cast:
John Abineri (Airline Representative): died in 2000.
Ray Baker (Helicopter Pilot): no known subsequent acting roles.
Ed Bishop (Klaus Hergersheimer): died in 2005.
Nicky Blair (Doorman): died in 1998.
Larry J. Blake (Water Balloon Game Barker-Operator): died in 1982.
Ed Call (Maxie): died in 2012.
George Lane Cooper (SPECTRE Agent): died in 2006.
Dick Crockett (Crane Operator): died in 1979.
Catherine Deeney (Welfare Worker): last known acting role in 1972.
Gary Dubin (Boy): last known acting role in 2013.
Clifford Earl (Immigration Officer): died in 2015.
Mark Elwes (Sir Donald's Secretary): last known acting role in 1988.
Brinsley Forde (Houseboy): last known acting role in 2001 then 1985, as Self in 2011.
Constantine Gregory (Aide to Metz): in The Tunnel (2 episodes 2016), Nona (2014; also Dialog Coach: On Set Full Cast); as Dialogue Coach: Tale of Tales (2015).
David Healy (Vandenburg Launch Director): died in 1995.
Karl Held (Agent): in Spades (1 episode c2016).
Roy Hollis (Las Vegas Sheriff): last known acting role in 1973, as Transportation Coordinator in 1979.
Bill Hutchinson (Moon Crater Controller): died in 2006.
Janos Kurucz (Aide to Metz): last known acting role in 2011.
Lola Larson (Bambi): no known other acting roles.
Debbie Letteau (Girl on the Corner): last known acting role in 2005.
Frank Mann (Moon Crater Guard): last known acting role in 1973.
Connie Mason (Woman at Whyte House): last known acting role in 2002, as Self in 2002.
Don Messick (Announcer at Circus Circus): died in 1997.
Burt Metcalfe (Maxwell): last known acting role in 1979, as Producer in 2002, as Director in 1990, as Writer in 1993, as Self in 2009.
Johnny Miller (Gunman): last known acting role in 1986, as Stunts in 1999.
Terence Mountain (1st Guard): last known acting role in 1989.
Frank Olegario (Man in Fez): died in 2005.
Trina Parks (Thumper): last known acting role in 2013; as Self: 4TH NAFCA: African Oscar (2014).
Denise Perrier (Maxie): no known subsequent acting roles; as Self in 2011.
Valerie Perrine (Shady Tree's Acorn): in Silver Skies (2016).
Shane Rimmer (Tom): in The Amazing World of Gumball (1 episode 2016), Dick Spanner, P.I. (unknown episodes 2014); Firestorm (nd), Darkwave: Edge of the Storm (2016) in post-production; Thunderbirds (unknown episodes 2015) in pre-production; as Self: 30 Greatest Disaster Movies (2015), The One Show (1 episode 2015), Filmed in Supermarionation (2014).
Henry Rowland (Dr. Tynan): died in 1984.
Gordon Ruttan (Vandenburg Aide): no known subsequent acting roles; as Writer in 1982.
* Pat Ryan (Man Coming Out of Customs Office): died in 1992.
Jay Sarno (Sideshow Barker): died in 1984.
Tom Steele (W Technologies Gate Guard): died in 1990.
Michael Valente (Slumber Inc. Attendant): no other known acting roles; as Script Supervisor in 2011.
Vincent Wong (Casino Groupier): died in 2015.
E.J. 'Tex' Young (Craps Dealer): died in 2002.

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