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James Bond: Where are They Now Part 4: Goldfinger (1964)

LAST UPDATED September 22 2015. Info derived from imdb. Only roles 2014 and later still being tracked. This is the fourth in a series that will track actors from the various James Bond movies and shows over the years (official and key unofficial versions). All known cast members noted. * = newly added name.

Sean Connery (James Bond): last known acting role in 2012 (also Executive Producer), as Self in 2012.
Honor Blackman (Pussy Galore): in You, Me & Them (1 episode 2015); as Self: VE Day: Remembering Victory (2015), The One Show (2 episodes 2014).
Gert Fröbe (Auric Goldfinger): died in 1988
Shirley Eaton (Jill Masterson): last known acting role in 1969; as Self: Take Two (1 episode 2016), Carry on Forever (1 episode 2015).
Tania Mallet (Tilly Masterson): only other known acting role in 1976, as Self in 2013.
Harold Sakata (Oddjob): died in 1982.
Bernard Lee (M): died in 1981.
Martin Benson (Solo): died in 2010.
Cec Linder (Felix Leiter): died in 1992.
Austin Willis (Simmons): died in 2004.
Lois Maxwell (Moneypenny): died in 2007.
Bill Nagy (Midnight): died in 1973.
Michael Mellinger (Kisch): died in 2004.
Peter Cranwell (Johnny): died in 1997.
Nadja Regin (Bonita): last known acting role in 1968.
Richard Vernon (Smithers): died in 1997.
Burt Kwouk (Mr. Ling): died in 2016.
Desmond Llewelyn (Q): died in 1999.
Mai Ling (Mei-Lei): last known acting role in 1969.
Varley Thomas (Swiss Gatekeeper): died in 1996.
Margaret Nolan (Dink): last known acting role in 2011, then 1986 before that; as Self: Carry on Forever (1 episode 2015).
John McLaren (Brigadier): died in 1970; imdb listing for 1994 role thus likely an error.
Robert MacLeod (Atomic Specialist): died in 2004.
Victor Brooks (Blacking): died in 1999.
Alf Joint (Capungo): died in 2005.
Gerry Duggan (Hawker): died in 1992.
Uncredited Cast:
Peter Brace (South American Guard): last known acting role in 1990, as Stunts in 1995.
Roland Brand (Gangster): died in 1984.
Bill Brandon (Gangster): last known acting role in 1971.
Terence Brook (Security Officer at Airport): died in 2005.
Norman Chancer (Gangster): last known acting role in 2003.
Anthony Chinn (Servant at Stud Farm): died in 2000.
Marion Collins (Girlfriend of Goldfinger): last known acting role in 1968.
Michael Collins (voice of Auric Goldfinger): died in 1979.
Denis Cowles (Brunskill): died in 1970.
Carmen Dene (Purple Bikini Girl Near Pool): last known acting role in 1971.
Bill Edwards (Gangster): last known acting role in 1967.
Hal Galili (Mr. Strap): died in 1983.
Caron Gardner (Flying Circus Pilot): last known acting role in 1992; as Self: Uwe Sommerlad im Gespräch mit Caron Gardner (2015).
Laurence Herder (Gangster): died in 2002.
William Hurndell (Gangster): last known acting role in 1970.
Lesley Langley (Flying Circus Pilot): no known subsequent acting roles, as Self in 2002.
George Leech (Man in Bulletproof Vest at Q Branch): died in 2012.
Garry Marshall (Hoodlum): died in 2016; in The Odd Couple (1 episode 2016; 2 2015 as Executive Consultant), Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero (2 episodes 2015), Scooby-Doo! And Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery (2015), BoJack Horseman (1 episode 2015), Hot in Cleveland (1 episode 2015), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (1 episode 2015), Liv and Maddie (1 episode 2014), Two and a Half Men (1 episode 2014), Life After Beth (2014); as Story/Director: Mother's Day (2016); as Writer: See Dad Run (1 episode 2014); as Director: Wendy (22 episodes c2013); as Director, filming: Mother's Day (2016); as Executive  Consultant: Grandfathered (5 episodes 2015-2016); as Self: Home & Family (1 episode 2016), The Real (1 episode 2016), Today (2 episodes 2015-2016), Larry King Now (1 episode 2016), the Talk (1 episode 2916), Celebrity Family Feud (1 episode 2015), The Seventies (1 episode 2015), Extra (2 episodes 2014-2015), Entertainment Tonight (1 episode 2015), Q N' A with Mikki and Shay (1 episode 2015), Theater Talk (1 episode 2014), Good Morning America (1 episode 2014), Late Night with Seth Meyers (1 episode 2014), The Hooping Life (2014), Inside Comedy (1 episode 2014), Teens Wanna Know (1 episode 2014); as Self, completed: Tempest Storm (2016), SCORE: A Film Music Documentary (2015); as Self, filming: Untitled Garry Marshall Documentary (2019); as Self, pre-production: TV Land Icon Awards 2016 (2016).
John Maxim (Gangster): died in 1990.
John McCarthy (Gangster): last known acting role in 1967.
Aleta Morrison (Flying Circus Pilot): last known acting role in 1969, as Self in 1971.
Tricia Muller (Sydney): no other known acting roles.
* Lionel Murton (Colonel): died in 2006.
Lenny Rabin (American Gangster): last known acting role in 1983.
Janette Rowsell (Chambermaid): last known acting role in 1968.
Bob Simmons (James Bond in Gunbarrel Sequence): died in 1987.
Les Tremayne (Radio Newsman voice): died in 2005.
Nikki Van der Zyl (voice of Jill Masterson): last known acting role in 1979; as Self: A Bond for Life: How James Bond Changed My Life (2016).
Michael G. Wilson (Soldier at Fort Knox): in Spectre (2015; also Producer); as Executive Producer: Radiator (2014), The Silent Storm (2014); as Producer, announced: Bond 25 (nd); as Self: The Nation's Favourite Bond Song (2015), Pinewood: 80 Years of Movie Magic (2015), Comic Relief: Behind the Bond (2015).
Maggie Wright (Air Squadron Leader): last known acting role in 1982.
Raymond Young (Sierra): died in 2011.

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VICTOR BROOKS actually died in 2000 and TERENCE BROOK really died in 1990.