Friday, January 11, 2013

Websites I Visit Multiple Times Each Year

Some I visit daily, some I visit less often. I wanted to include a range of different subject matters. I`ll probably do another of these in the near future. Some URLs may change over time (especially Deaths) but this is what they`re currently at.
1.      Comic Book Resources (both for the news and for the trivia Brian Cronin unearths)
2.      Cracked: Once a poor’s man’s version of Mad Maggazine, it’s now one of the main sources of satire on the web
3.      Deaths in [Current Year]: It`s morbid but it`s also one of the most interesting and usually most accurate of Wikipedia`s pages.
though of course the final digit of the year determines how recent the info is.
4.      DVD Basen: Region 1: Reviews on Region 1 DVDs (links on the left of the site to other regions)
5.      Facebook: Like for most people there are bits that drive me nuts. That said it`s the main site for social networking currently
6.      Flickr: My Photostream: Where most of the photos I post online end up nowadays. Largely blowing my own horn here I admit, but I visit here a lot to ensure that my photos are uploading properly and to see that stats of people looking at my photos/videos. Currently over 940,000 photos uploaded.
7.      Internet Movie Database: the main internet site for facts on movies and shows (and to a lesser degree video games and other media)
8.      Snopes: The main site on the Internet for debunking urban legends. Everyone should visit this site when they see news show up on Facebook or in e-mails that doesn’t link to the source of the information somehow
9.      TV Shows on DVD: News: What TV-related DVDs are coming down the pipeline
10.   Who Watches the Watchers : the section of Comixfan that focuses on Marvel trivia by way of the Official handbook of the Marvel Universe and similar titles. I also visit areas of Comixfan but mostly this section

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