Friday, January 22, 2010

10 Interesting Shared Names

I am only counting cases where the differences between the two characters is striking, and where the two people/characters sharing the same name share the same first and last name, as opposed to a code name. In all cases these are apparently coincidences, though I think some have criticized the novelist Lee due to his better known namesake.

1. Steve Austin: real-life professional wrestler (Stone Cold Steve Austin); bionic hero of novel Cyborg/TV series The Six Million Dollar Man
2. Elliot Franklin: alter ego of Marvel villain The Clown (of the Circus of Crime, foes of Hulk, Spider-Man etc) - Caucasian; alter ego of unrelated Marvel villain Thunderball (of The Wrecking Crew; foes of Defenders, Thor etc.) - black
3. Steven Grant: real life comic book writer (Avengers, Hulk, Defenders); alter ego of Marvel hero Moon Knight
4. Richard Hatch: real-life actor (Battlestar Galactica etc); real-life Survivor contestant
5. Stan Lee: comic book writer (Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Hulk, X-Men etc); novelist (e.g. The God Project) whose books are sometimes misattributed to the other Lee
6. Ralph Macchio: movie actor (The Karate Kid, etc); Marvel Comics editor (Spider-Man, etc)
7. Steve Martin: real life actor/comedian (The Jerk Shopgirl, etc); reporter in American versions of two Godzilla movies
8. Michael Myers: after nickname spelled out, real life actor/comedian (Mike Myers; Saturday Night Live, Austin Powers, etc); the slasher in the Halloween movies
9. Roger Rabbit: protagonist of various novels and a movie (Who Censored/Framed Roger Rabbit); alter ego of DC's Zoo Crew leader Captain Carrot (who thus nowadays tends to go by his middle name Rodney)
10. Steve Rogers: real-life professional baseball player; alter ego of Marvel hero Captain America

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