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The Road to the Arrowverse Crisis on Infinite Earths

The actual Crisis storyline runs December 8, 2019 (Supergirl), December 9, 2019 (Batwoman), December 10, 2019 (The Flash), and January 14, 2020 (Arrow, then DC’s Legends of Tomorrow). However, a lot of key parts of the crossover are already in play. It’s unclear if anything prior to 2018 was originally intended to play into the Crisis. However, anything 2018-2019 definitely is. To avoid minutiae, only the first known use of a particular bit of set-up is noted for the most part. However, given that the Monitor exists solely as part of the crisis event, all appearances of him are noted. I’ve tried to be vague about non-Crisis stuff for people who might want to watch the episodes later, but some spoilers are inevitable. For stuff that’s directly about the Crisis, major spoilers of course.

Additions/corrections welcomed. While I've watched everything to date, I used the Arrowverse Wiki and a few YouTube videos to refresh my memory.

Arrow season 1 episode 19 Unfinished Business, April 3, 2013: Lyla Michaels (John Diggle’s ex-wife, now current wife) first appears (Diggle is the main ally of The Hood/Oliver Queen, now Green Arrow). In the comics Lyla Michaels is Harbinger, a pivotal figure in the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Arrow season 1 episode 20 Home Invasion, April 20, 2013: Lyla uses the code name Harbinger. Note: in Arrow’s first seasons the showrunners were largely creating low/non-powered versions of characters who had powers in the comics, and downplaying gadgets for non-powered characters. So it’s likely that at the time that the show’s Lyla was initially intended to be a non-powered version of the comic character. Regardless, this did mean that once the creators decided in fact to do the Crisis, they already had a Harbinger in place.

The Flash season 1 episode 1 Pilot, October 7, 2014: We first see a holographic newspaper from the future (2024) with the headline Flash Missing, Vanishes in Crisis. The author and date of the article will fluctuate as the future shifts. This article won’t track all the fluctuations of the newspaper, just the ones that seem the most significant to the Crisis.

The Flash season 1 episode 20 The Trap, Apr 28, 2015: Iris West-Allen is now the author of the future newspaper article. Except for the occasional time fluctuation, she will normally be the author of the article. Note: a season 3 storyline dealt the possible death of Iris. I won’t reveal if she survived or if someone took her place, but a version of Iris is currently in play and thus the author of the article.

The Flash season 1 episode 23 Fast Enough, May 19, 2015: First hint of a Multiverse (a helmet that appears to belong to Jay Garrick, who in some comic continuities exists on Earth-2).

The Flash season 2 episode 2 Flash of Two Worlds, October 13, 2015: First mention of a Multiverse, and first known case of a character arriving from another Earth, who identifies himself as the Flash (Jay Garrick), who is from the Arrowverse version of Earth-2.

The Flash season 2 episode 13 Welcome to Earth-2, February 9, 2016: First travel to another Earth in the multiverse (by Flash/Barry Allen and Vibe/Cisco Ramone). First confirmation through visions that other shows exist in the Multiverse: We see still images of Supergirl/Kara Danvers (then on another network, CBS as opposed to CW) and the Flash (also Barry Allen) from the 1990-1991 CBS series (this Flash hereafter called Flash-90 to differentiate him from the main/Earth-1 Flash).

Supergirl season 1 episode 18, World’s Finest March 28, 2016: The Flash travels to Earth-38, home of Supergirl, thus establishing that characters can travel to worlds seen on shows from other networks (with season 2 Supergirl moved to CW but her adventures remain on another Earth). Note: it’s beyond the scope of this list to note every instance of inter-Earth/inter-show travel. Only precedents relevant to the Crisis noted.

Supergirl season 4 episode 8 Bunker Hill, December 2, 2018: Earth-90, the world of the Flash from the 1990-1991 series is devastated. Flash-90 is on the ground while the Monitor stands over him. The Monitor in the comics is one of the prime movers of the Crisis. Flash-90 gets up and manages to flee (this bit gets repeated a few times; only the first instance noted).

The Flash season 5 episode 9 Elseworlds, Part 1, December 9, 2018: Flash and Green Arrow switch bodies (kind of) due to actions from John Deegan, who has been granted abilities by the Monitor.

Arrow season 7 episode 9 Elseworlds, Part 2, December 10, 2018: Flash and Green Arrow (still body switched) plus Supergirl travel to Gotham. Working with Batwoman/Kate KIane, one of the villains captured is the Psycho-Pirate (while the comic version was created well before the Crisis, he was a key player in the Crisis).  Flash, Green Arrow, Supergirl, and the now-arrived Flash-90 confront the Monitor, who causes Flash-90 to disappear. The Monitor explains that he’s preparing the heroes for a Crisis.

Supergirl season 4 episode 9 Elseworlds, Part 3, December 11, 2018: In another confrontation between Green Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl vs. the Monitor, Green Arrow makes a deal with the Monitor in exchange for keeping Flash and Supergirl safe. In Arkham Asylum, Psycho-Pirate says to Deegan, “Don’t worry, Soctor. Everything is as it should be. The stage is set.” Then, quoting the ad for the comic version of Crisis, “Worlds will live. Worlds will die. And the universe will never be the same.” This is followed by a title screen saying, “Coming Fall 2019” then another saying “Crisis on Infinite Earths”.

Arrow season 7 episode 22 You Have Saved This City, May 13, 2019: Green Arrow retires from crime fighting in part to help his wife Felicity raise their daughter. As they are settling in to their new home (so Green Arrow is in his Oliver Queen identity), the Monitor shows up and we learn that Green Arrow’s deal with the Monitor was to act as an agent of the Monitor to protect the mulitiverse when it’s time; that time has now arrived. The Monitor informs him that he has seen the future and watched him die. When Oliver asks for confirmation that he means during this Crisis, the Monitor nods. When Felicity confronts the Monitor he tells her the world needs her daughter. In the future, Felicity tells the Monitor she’s ready. When the Monitor reminds her she can’t return, she tells the Monitor he’s waited a very long time to see him (i.e. Oliver) and the two step through a portal.

Flash season 5 episode 22 Legacy, May 14, 2019: After a confrontation between Team Flash and the Reverse-Flash results in another history change, the Reverse-Flash says, “See you next crisis” and runs off. The date on the hologram newspaper turns backward. We don’t see the month or day that it lands on, but the year becomes 2019.

Supergirl season 4 episode 22 The Quest for Peace, May 19, 2019: A Martian named Leviathan (later revealed to be the brother of J'Onn J'Onzz, the Martian Manhunter) arrives on Earth, where he’s greeted by the Monitor, who tells him he brought him here. The Monitor then visits Lex Luthor for as yet unrevealed reasons.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 4 episode 16, Hey, World! May 20, 2019: The Legends perform a stage play as part of their latest mission. The Monitor is in the audience eating popcorn but does not intervene.

The Flash Season 6 episode 1 Into the Void, October 8, 2019: The Monitor visits Barry and Iris and claims to have needed to destroy a video important to them to discourage a particular course of action. He tells Barry that he’s destined to die in the Crisis on December 10, 2019.

The Flash Season 6 episode 2 A Flash of the Lightning, October 15, 2019: To get a second opinion, Flash tries running to the future to the day after his death but hits an anti-matter field and is injured. Making it to Earth-3, he consults with Jay Garrick, who says he’s also noticed a danger to the multiverse. He provides a means for Barry to project his mind to the future, where he sees his friends killed by a wave of anti-matter and his own subsequent death. While he’s recovering, Jay’s wife Joan reads to him the poem A Flash of the Lightning, which was also quoted in Crisis on Infinite Earths #8, the issue that focussed on the Flash’s fate. Barry and iris argue over Barry’s apparent willingness to die, but he later convinces her that he doesn’t want to die. He’s just prepared in the same way a cop is.

Arrow season 8 episode 1 Starling City, October 15, 2019: Oliver travels to Earth-2 on a mission to recover dwarf star matter. With that world’s Oliver deceased, he starts to get involved with counterparts of his family, including Earth-2’s version of his mother Moira. This and other actions causes the Monitor to warn him not to interfere with the lives of Earth-2 residents beyond what is needed to complete his mission. He enlists the aid of Earth-2’s versions of the Hood and Black Canary (Laurel Lance, a former enemy of Oliver’s as the Black Siren until she reformed and returned home) as well the Earth-1 John, who had learned of the Crisis from Felicity and had travelled to Earth-2 using a device given to him by Cisco.  They defeat the Dark Archer, who has the dwarf star matter. Hours later, just after Oliver finishes visiting the Dark Archer at a holding cell, the Crisis arrives on Earth-2, and the police station is surrounded on all sides by anti-matter. The anti-matter kills The Earth-2 Dinah Drake, Rene Ramirez, Moira Queen, and Dark Archer, as well as probably most of the other residents of Earth-2 off screen, but John triggers the portal home and he, Oliver, and Laurel escape through it. Thus far Laurel is the only confirmed native survivor of the destruction of Earth-2, though it’s possible that other metahumans escaped on their own devices and took others with them.

The Flash Season 6 episode 3 Dead Man Running, October 22, 2019: Barry tells Team Flash about the Crisis but at first leaves out the part about his dying. Things happen to get him to reconsider (and Killer Frost figures it out anyway) so he later tells them the rest. Cisco gains a reluctant ally in Nash Wells, the newest Harrison Wells counterpart.

Arrow season 8 episode 2 Welcome to Hong Kong, October 22, 2019: Oliver, John, and Laurel arrive on Earth-1 in Hong Kong, initially separated from each other. The Monitor lectures Oliver about disobeying him by interfering with things on Earth-2, including saving Laurel. He tells Oliver to Bring Dr. Robert Wong to him but refuses to say why. Reconnecting with John and Laurel, Laurel is in denial about the fate of Earth-2 and heads off in search of a contact to send her back to fix the now-damaged portal device and send her back to Earth-2.  Oliver and John team with Katana, who has heard of the Monitor and warns him not to follow the Monitor, which Oliver is more inclined to do since he thinks that staying too long might have somehow brought the Crisis to Earth-2. Lyla showing up to help Laurel, claiming that John sent her, though Laurel is surprised she got to Hong Kong so fast. Laurel's contact fixes the device but is able to return her to Earth-2 because it's no longer there. Lyla has a heard to heart with her about survivor's guilt. After Katana is nearly killed, Green Arrow decides not to hang over Wong to the Monitor right away. However, Lyla meets with the Monitor and hands Wong over; it's clear they've known each other for a while. They argue about Monitor about withholding information about Earth-2, which could have gotten her husband killed.

The Flash Season 6 episode 4 There Will be Blood, October 29, 2019: Members of Team Flash deal with Barry's impending death. Cisco, teaming with Barry and Nash, to obtain a cure for a dying Dr. Ramsey, initially hides the cure because it could also protect barry from anti-matter, but later relents and gives it to Barry. The Elongated Man/Ralph Dibney is initally too depressed to take on a case but eventually embarks on it. Barry's adoptive father joe West braks down over his son's impending death. Barry despite reservations from his hiding the cure, goes with his original choice of Cisco to lead the team after his death. Nash is able to use holographic technology to trace a path to a storage area. Note: It's likely but not confirmed that Nash will become the Pariah (played by the same actor). As the Pariah is a key Crisis figure, should this prove to be the case, his coverage on this page will be expanded.

Arrow season 8 episode 3 Leap of Faith, October 29, 2019: Green Arrow, arriving in Nanda Parbat to consult Nyssa about the Monitor instead encounters his sister Thea (Speedy) and tells her about the Crisis. The two of them meet up with Talia, who initially seems interested in helping Green Arrow learn more about the Monitor but ultimately doublecrosses him. John confides to Lyla that he's still shaken from witnessing a universe being destroyed. Oliver suspects that the Monitor may be an enemy. Possibly brought to the present by the Monitor. Oliver's children Mia Smoak and William Clayton, and John Diggle's adoptive son Connor Hawke, all from 2040 appear.

The Flash Season 6 episode 5 Kiss Kiss Breach Breach, November 5, 2019: Trapped in a cave-in with Joe West (Barry Allen's adoptive father), Nash is surprised to learn Joe has heard of the Monitor. After they're freed by the elongated Man (Ralph Dibny), Nash claims to have a way to save Barry.

Arrow season 8 episode 4 Present Tense, November 5, 2019: Oliver tries to gain info about the Crisis from the future youth, but they can't provide much help. he also enlists Curtis Holt's aid in building a weapon against the Monitor. The Monitor tells Sarah he can bring back Earth-2 if she betrays Oliver.

The Flash Season 6 episode 6 License to Elongate, November 19, 2019: Nash teams with reformed criminal turned reporter Allegra Garcia. She helps him break the Monitor's wall, a bit reluctantly after she learns he plans to kill the Monitor.

Arrow season 8 episode 5 Prognost, November 19, 2019: Laurel learns that Lyla is a Monitor agents. Oliver, John, Laurel, and the youth head to Russia to obtain necessary material to stop the Monitor. Returning to Star City, Laurel tells Lula she won't take a deal that requires backsliding into her criminal ways and reveals she's told Oliver and John about Lyla. Oliver, John, and Luarel are shot with tranq darts.

The Flash Season 6 episode 7 The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 1, November 26, 2019: having learned that Barry is the Flash, Allegra encourages Iris to start on the newspaper story about Barry's disappearance that she's destined to write. Barry, infected by cells by Ramsey Ronno, finds himself being corrupted in a dream state, with Ramsey, having learned both the Flash's identity and about the Crisis, tempts Barry with the power to survive the Crisis, albeit under Ramsey's control.

Arrow season 8 episode 6 Reset, November 26, 2019: Oliver and Laurel find themselves in a pocket reality where Quentin Lance is still alive, but which resets after Quentin dies. Laurel is able to leave when she says a proper good-bye to Quentin, but Oliver is only able to leave when he fully accepts Quentin's passing and my extension his own impending death. this is confirmed in an encounter with Lyla, who admits to have been working for the Monitor for a while. She insists that the Monitor is not his enemy. The two of them and other allies wind up on Lian Yu, the island where Oliver began his path to becoming Green Arrow,

Batwoman season 1 episode 8 A Mad Tea-Party, December 1, 2019: On December 9, 2019, 11:58 pm, Nash, at the Monitor's wall, makes a deal with a voice behind the wall and is transformed.

Supergirl season 5 episode 8 The Wrath of Rama Khan, December 1, 2019: The Monitor appears before J'Onn J'Onzz, who has managed to get his brother to reform, and tells him that bringing Leviathan to Earth was a test that J'Onn has passed, and he is now ready for the Crisis. The Monitor goes to Lex Luthor, who he has apparently brought back from the dead in readiness for the Crisis. With a minor captioning difference, the Batwoman sequence above is repeated.

The Flash Season 6 episode 8 The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 2, December 3, 2019: Shortly before midnight on December 9, Barry gathers his friends and family together; Killer Frost reverts to her Caitlin Snow persona, feeling that she should be the one to spend the last few hours with Barry. The people present say their good-byes and then at midnight the skies turn red, signalling the Crisis has arrived. The sequence from Batwoman then repeats again, minus the "Central City" caption as the entire episode takes place there. Since that sequence happens two minutes earlier, it's likely what brings the Crisis to Earth-1.

Arrow season 8 episode7 Purgatory, December 3, 2019: Team Arrow learns they need to retrieve a device on the island. John and Lyla argue about the Monitor.  Additional allies arrive by plane carrying plutonium, which is needed for the device but which may be what temporarily brings foes and an ally back from the dead; they apparently return to the grave when the device is retrieved and activated by Lyla, who disappears. Oliver says his good-byes and Lyla, now the Harbinger returns, the Crisis having arrived. The sequence from Batwoman repeats once more..

Beyond possible tweaking/editing, this concludes this blog post. Episodes of Legends of Tomorrow taking place before Crisis but airing after will not be covered as they will be viewed with the hindsight of the Crisis from the audience's perspective.

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Pacific Northwest Trip 2018 Day 16 Monday July 29: Seattle Including Torchlight Parade

This is the 16th and final of a series of posts dealing with my 2018 trip to Olympia, Seattle, and vicinity. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports (typos, bits I don’t feel like making public). Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of two years later or to add further clarification.  These are indicated by “NOW”. This final report was actually written the following day.

I was in a partly asleep state all day yesterday. Starting around 12:30 am my body kept waking me to check the time. I checked out of City Hostel Seattle and walked to the downtown McDonald's, looking forward to their breakfast meal which I hadn't had since day 2. However they weren't open and no one was managing their intercom orders. I finally grabbed a couple breakfast biscuits from a nearly 7-11. I briefly visited Rachel the Pig(gybank) at Pike Place Market before making my way to Seattle Ferry Terminal; I think it was during this part of the segment I started noticing damage to the bottom of my main suitcase, likely from all the free papers etc. I got.

I got there just in time to take the earlier of two ferries I could have taken to Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal. From there I took a 90 bus (Kitsap Transit) to North Viking Park &n ride in Poulsbo. I was tempted to get off earlier and walk to downtown Poulsbo and back, as it has a nice Norwegian look to it, but I was too weighed down. The 7 bus (Jefferson Transit) arrived early enough that I could put my bags on board, walk to the Arco gas station across the street from the transit center for a soda and still make it back with plenty of time to spare.

Having purchased a day pass the first time I boarded, I took this 7 bus to Haines Park & Ride in Port Townsend and transferred to an 8 bus (also Jefferson Transit) to Sequim Transit Center in Sequim. I then took a 30 Commuter bus (Clallam Transit) to Port Angeles. During all three of these bus rides, sleep was catching up to me, so I found myself trying to take photos while trying to figure out what thoughts were real and not. I bought some movies from E-Z Pawn. Since they had previously let me store luggage there I asked again and they agreed. I walked to Port Angeles Plaza and go fliers from Rite Aid and Big Lots. I then noticed that earlier in the walk my memory card had filled up, so I lost a few photos.

I crossed the street to a KFC/Taco Bell combo. On the ride into town I had noticed they had the KFC deal I wanted for $5. I had to pay with cash because their card reader wasn't working and my backup credit card's stripe was long gone. It's amazing how many people still attempt to swipe with my card multiple times despite the stripe being mostly white space now. I briefly visited Port News and Books and, not having the time or desire to explore Port Angeles further in my tired state, walked to Black Ball Ferry Terminal. While in line to board the ferry, the rod that you extend to help use the wheels of my main suitcase partly tore off the suitcase, so I couldn't use that rod further or else I would have pulled it off the suitcase entirely. I cleared Customs in Victoria no problem and made it home. I think it was just before or after 7 that I fell asleep, ironically waking up this morning around the time I normally did during my trip.

Pacific Northwest Trip 2018 Day 15 Sunday July 28: Seattle Including Torchlight Parade

This is the 15th of a series of posts dealing with my 2018 trip to Olympia, Seattle, and vicinity. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports (typos, bits I don’t feel like making public). Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of two years later or to add further clarification.  These are indicated by “NOW”.

I walked along the former Torchlight Parade route then, after a quick stopover at the hostel, to Pike Place Market (saw Rachel again). I walked along the waterfront, getting photos of a Norwegian cruise ship at Pier 66. After breakfast at the hostel, I walked to Target, then Pike Place Market again, getting interior mall shots and visiting Lamplight books.

[NOW: The hostel is City Hostel Seattle. Rachel is the pig/gybank by Pike Place Fish.

I took a D Rapidride bus (both buses today King County Metro Transit) to Ballard (all regions are in Seattle). I walked to the Hiram M. Chittenden locks again, mainly for the Fish Ladder. Not many fish, and one had a nasty gash on its back. I visited Sonic Boom Records and had lunch at McDonald's. My receipt seemed a little high so I checked the receipt: they actually added a small drink surcharge to the price of a small drink.

I walked more, crossing the Burke-Gilman trail where I crossed over to Fremont. I visited the plant dinosaurs, Outsider Comics, the Fremont Rocket, the Lenin statue (it cost $300,000 in 2008; owners refused offers to melt the bronze). I got some DVDs from the outside area of Jive Time Records; I later got an e-receipt from them; will have to figure out how they got my email address. At Ophelia Books, the usually sleeping Claudia the cat was meowing at me, I visited the Center of the Universe signpost,  the downstairs Fremont Vintage market, Rapunzel on the Fremont Bridge, the Waiting for the Interurban statue, the JP Patches & Gertrude: Late for the Interurban statue, and the Fremont Troll.

Crossing over to Wallingford, I walked down the Wallingford Steps to Gas Works Park. Lots of goose poop on the grass so it was hard to find a place to sit there. I walked up the Wallingford Steps and crossed back over to Fremont, where I caught a 62 bus south.

My map book was misleading and I thought there was a way across Aurora Ave (a highway) near where I got off; there wasn't. So reluctantly, because I wasn't up to a long detour on a hot day, I watched for traffic and dashed for to the middle, then after a good wait, to the other side. Not recommended unless you are very experienced with my kind of travelling and there aren't other viable options.

I got photos at Kerry Park Viewpoint, meeting a cat along the way, and then walked to the international Fountain in Seattle Center. I rested there nearly two hours, going in to cool off. Since I was my last day before my trip home early tomorrow, I got more money from a Bank of America machine and treated myself to Mod Pizza, sitting outside. Briefly a guy was smoking nearly. Not as briefly a woman was singing off key.  After a bit more time at the fountain, I left. I would have had to leave soon after anyway because the off key woman showed up nearby. I returned to the hostel and got rid of a bunch of duplicate free stuff and did the Customs calculations.

Pacific Northwest Trip 2018 Day 14 Saturday July 27: Seattle Including Torchlight Parade

This is the 14th of a series of posts dealing with my 2018 trip to Olympia, Seattle, and vicinity. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports (typos, bits I don’t feel like making public). Also, I’ve added additional thoughts with the hindsight of two years later or to add further clarification.  These are indicated by “NOW”.

I left City Hostel Seattle and walked along the Torchlight Parade route (or much of it) a couple of times, including that Grandstand seating area that blocks off 4th and Pine). I returned to the hostel for breakfast, then did a bit more walking along the parade route, leaving briefly for a visit to the not-yet-on International Fountain at Seattle center. I saw what I call the "fully furnished group" being set up (they bring sofas, bunk, fridge, etc) At one point as usual I saw floats being escorted by motorcycle police to their base at Seattle Center.

leaving the parade route, I got some soft drinks at Walgreen's  before visiting Pike Place Market, including First and Pike news, Rachel the Pig(gybank), Golden Age Collectables, BLMF A Literary Saloon, Rummage Around.  I wanted to visit Palace Jewelry and Loan but they weren't open despite being during their business hours.

I got on a C Rapidride bus (all buses today King County Metro Transit; got a 3.5 hour transfer) and got off at Alaska Junction, West Seattle. I visited Easy Street Records and Pegasus book Exchange. I took a 128 bus to Admiral Junction, grabbing lunch at a nearby Jack in the Box, where a fellow passenger from the C bus was on the phone telling someone the same bicycle flat tire story he kept telling the driver. I took a 50 bus to Alki beach, including the Birthplace of Seattle marker, an art show, the miniature Statue of Liberty, Alki Bathhouse (as far as i can tell, it was never used for bathing), and a seals sculpture. I relaxed on the sandy beach for a bit before wandering around the area some more.

[NOW: The art show is Alki Art Fair. The sculpture is Seal Sitters.]

I took another 50 bus out of West Seattle and into the Sodo district, where I revisited Seattle's SilverPlatters. Still on the same transfer as the C bus, I took a 21  bus downtown, walking along the parade route to Seattle Center, with a brief diversion to the hostel. I saw many of the floats at their base poition and aside from a brief look at Seattle Center Armory, relaxed at the International Fountain a couple hours.

I grabbed dinner at McDonald's (something that I couldn't have done right before the Torchlight Parade a few years earlier. I saw the now fully set up fully furnished group but the group with the pool table I didn't see. The mini-marathon was set up near Westlake Center. I got conflicting info as to whether they would run past the north end, where I planned to sit and which is closer to the hostel.

I took a chance and sat on the north end but they never made it there. I did get photos of the runners before the run though.

I found a place to sit in front of a tree which especially at the beginning was a nice place to relax. A Chinese family arrived and asked to sit in the area, which was fine. I didn't want to lose my tree so offered to shift, but they declined my offer.  The fire and brimstone Christians were back preaching the threat of damnation via a megaphone. I still think they'd do better getting a float in the parade and waving at people if they want converts.  The guy in the Chinese group offered me water likely for sharing my space. I accepted. The fire and brimstone people showed up one more time.

The parade started in earnest with the motorcycle police driving around. They are very skilled but they outstayed their welcome a bit; they need a lot of clearance so everyone else in the parade has to wait until they finish a section to move. An Idaho group of seniors called the Red Hot Mamas did a dance to the song Cum On Feel the Noise, some dancing with the help of their rockers.

Lots of horses in the parade, The Lake City Western Vigilantes from Wednesday were there. There were actually two Chinese dragons this time. A potato company had a giant mock potato in their float. Near the end of the parade came the Seattle Seafair clowns and the Seattle Seafair Pirates firing a cannon form their ship the Moby Duck. King County Metro Transit was in the parade but this time didn't give out bus passes. The Lincoln Loe Truck (truck shaped like a toe) was the last major exhibit. I wandered the parade route a little more to get some final photos of the fully furnished group and some final photos/videos of the Moby Duck cannon (overall I shot a lot more video this parade than usual). I then returned to the hostel.

[NOW: The potato float is Idaho Potato Tour.]